New Trisha Photos…

Hi all Trisha FANS, Enjoy the new and latest photos of Trisha, the great Kollywood actress. She is a great heroine of clean figure.


Palunku-A New Mammooty-Blessy Film


If there is a director in Malayalam who has the most burden of expectations, it’s Blessy. After blazing a glorious trail with Kazhcha and Tanmatra, people expect the world from Blessy. This time he pairs up with the hero of his first movie Mammootty again. (Sorry Dileep, you will have to wait)

Monichan, played by Mammootty, is a farmer who was forced to leave school after his family lost their house and belongings in a landslip. Now, he lives with his wife, Susamma, and two daughters. To provide his children better education, Monichan decides to move from the village to a nearby town. The new environment takes a toll on the life of the naive farmer and his life changes forever. When he starts interacting with a consumerist society, he becomes ambitious and greedy. The film is about how the changes impacts on him and his family.

The other important role in the film will be presented by Jagathy Sreekumar who has not acted with Mammootty for a long time. The director, who is adamant in presenting new heroines into Malayalam through his films, has fixed Lekshmi Lahiri to play the female lead.
Blessys movies have wonderful music, this time too he has repeated Mohan Sitara for Palunku. You often wonder, in Blessy movies in which things move at snails pace, why do you need technically superior cameraman who was last seen in Singapore filming Krishh. Well, god knows and so we have Santosh Thundiyil cranking the camera for this one.

NoteBook-A Must SEE Malayalam Movie-Itz beyold Languages

notebook1.jpgstill9.jpgstill1.jpgstill5.jpgRoma-Saira Elizabeth

To Love …To Learn… The story of Notebook begins with a paryer song as said.. To Love …To Learn… Movie is really wonderful and touching the Heart.NoteBook-A Must SEE Malayalam Movie-Itz beyold Languages. Notebook will say you something beyond your Langauge. Itz about Love, itz about honesty, Itz about youth, Itz about your Family, and Itz about you or your Sister/friend.

The most plus point of movie is its Music, done by a New Music Director MAJO JOSEPH, who also plays a role in movie as Firoz.

The movie takes place in Lords Shool( Actually Lorentz school, Ooty). It has 3 students, Saira (actually Roma),Pooja, and Sri. The 3 are strong friends and they love each other. Of the 3 Saira is BEST actor and a good postive character who stood for justice. The story takes twist, when Sri becomes pregnant from her Boyfriend Sooraj. The 3 friends.just in +2, look for an Abortion and makes the rest of story (its suspense, go and see it) and a Big Message.

The Message is : Life is short.plz bring up your kids in your own home, with his/her mother and father.Also everyone should be a Friend to his/her… daughter/Son. If not, they wont say their secrets to you, which will lead to disaster. Everyone Must change their attitude in this Globalized world. All are humans, everyone will get into one Mistake. If you are not a best friend to your Kidz , you cant correct your kidz, and they will fly away..away and away from you.

Totally the film is verygood Rated 4.75/5 and Saira Elizabeth (Roma) is a very promising actor of future, and she has made Saira a Memorable One for Ever.

And the Movie ends with music To Love….To Learn…

If u miss this movie, u miss a very very good Malayalam Movie, a movie of a lifetime.All Mothers, All Fathers, All Students, All Daughters/Sons must see this film. Itz touching….touching your HEART

Namitha is beautiful..she is Extremely beautiful

As you all know Namitha is beautiful, But we will say she is extremely glamorous. She is not a BIG star now, she lost her stardom etc are facts and realitys, but her Figure will say..She is Great. No one in South can Beat Namitha in her looks and Hot Figure. She has low acting skills, thats why she gone out of Industry quick. In most films Namitha is not used as an actor, but for Show Offs.


Sonia SelvaRagavan-Wedding Snaps


The Hot wedding is Over, After long days of Love with Selva Raghavan-Tamils Genius Director and Super Heroine Sonia Agarwaal , Itz time they got ONE Legally. Marriage was blessed by Rajanikant, and the Sensational couples Dhanush-Aishwarya. Many great from Tamilakam like Maniratnam, Sneha etc also had their presence on occasion.