Ayan Photos

Here are some photos from Ayan ,the latest Suriya-Tamanna movie.Music is done by Hariss Jayaraj.Directed by K.V. Anand and will relased after Vaaranam aayiram in AVM banner.Tamanna is pairing up with Suriya for the first.The cute looking girl will certainly be an asset to This movie.Ayan is an action packed movie with a strong support of the script.Ayan Photos given above were out recently

Sathyam-A certificate in Telugu and U/A in Tamil!

Ready to  hear as shocking news? Here is that .. Sathyam (Vishal,Nayantara) was released in Aug 15 and was certified A certificate in Telugu and U/A in Tamil.And the reason is because of the intimate scenes of Nayanthara with Vishal.The photogallery was out before the release and it seemed so glamorous as Nayanthara was over exposing .

As in Tamil it is U/A kids below 18 years of Age can watch the movie with parents.Anyway i think this will help the movie more than doing any harms.Who wont attempt to watch an A certificate movie of Nayanthara?

Mohanlal and KamalHassan pairs up with Major Ravi


And this is something which goes to Major Ravi.KamalHassan and Mohanlal will be playing major roles in his next film(as usual,a military story).The silm will be starting after Mohanlal and Ravi’s Kurukshetra(Formerly named as Kargil).The movie is about the conspiracy behind the Hijacking of Inidan Airlines in 1999.Major Ravi is always after true stories.His Keerthichakra was a big hit and won many reputations.

Kurukshetra will be releasing in october 2nd and some songs are out already.Kurukshetra is also a military story telling about the Kargil war with a message to avoid war.Anyway lots of expectations will be there in Ravi as Kamal and Mohanlal are teaming up!

Asin along with Saif Ali Khan in Colgate ad

These are some pictures of Asin along with Saif in the colgate ad.Both are looking like a good combo,and we can expect both of them together in a film as Asin is stepping over to Bollywood along with Aamir Khan.

Vikram to Bollywood with ManiRatnam


Serving Hot! Vikram is stepping over to Bollywood in maniRathnams new film.Another interesting thing is that Vikram will be acting along with Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bacchan.ManiRatnam said that Vikram has a poweeful role in the film,which will shake the foots of Vikram Fans.This movie will be released in Tamil also on the same time,in which Vikram will be pairing Ash.Vikram has already said that this role is the most powerful role of his life(May be a life time role!).

Eventhough Vikram ha appeared in Bollywood once(Aparichith-The dubbed version of Anniyan),it didnt get much attention.But along with Maniratnam who has good reputation in Hindi also we can certainly expect something great

Happy Birthday Diya….

Happy Birthday to Surya -Jyothika’s daughter(may be a future Jyothika) Diya.