I hated myself in ghajini -says Nayantara

Kollywood superstar Nayanthara says now that she wouldn’t have done Ghajini,IF now the directors would not have courage  even to talk her about that role.She says that Murugadoss said that she had the major role and Asin was only in the flashback,The whole movie was a flashback and poor Nayans didn’t knew that.She also admits that her acting in Ghajini was that bad and looks were bad. Nayanthara didn’t like her face and chubby appearance in Ghajini. So she decided to get new looks.

She also  talked about the hot controversies with Simbhu.Photos of Nayantaras Lip kiss with Simbhu was all over the net and was that popular,She said that presently she has no relation with Simbhu and she have dropped the relation with him,but professional wise she is okay with him and said will do films with him in future.She said she got good support from Family and she said the affairs with Simbhu in family and they are okay with that(Seems like Nayanthara’s family are okay with what all she does).When asked what was the problem with Simbhu ,she said that Both of them thinks in two different lines and that  was the problem.Anyways Simbhu is after the new girl and Nayanthar is concentrating hardly after her career.She appeared very glamorous in Vijays Villu which was a hit.

Anyways Nayanthara have changed a lot,She was that natural beauty in her first film manasinakkare directed by Sathyan Anthikkad,but now turned to a modern girl.After manasinakkare,She was in taskaraveeran with mammotty in which she exposed little bit.In  Natturajavu with Mohanlal she got little plumpy and Chandramukhi with Rajini changed her life graph.Also exposures in Vallavan with Simbhu made her the glamour queen in Tamil.She also said that no one can defeat her  until she quit!Ver high confidence right? Even though not that popular as before,she has got very die hard fans,Latest Tamil queens polling shows that she is the most glamorous Tamil actress at present.

Kareena Kapoor and Akshay Kumar Photos

Kambakkht Ishq is the new upcoming hindi movie with Kareena Kapoor and Akshay Kumar.Akhay Kumars recent movies were flops,So lets hope that kambakkht Ishq will be a saving factor for Akshay Kumar.Kaeena Kapoor comes in the film as a super model and Akshya Kumar as a stunt Master. In this gallery, we present Kareena Kapoor and Akshay Kumar photos and pictures collection from the movie Kambat Ishq.

Will Gautham Menon direct in malayalam?-An interview


Today i saw an iterview with gautham menon .Putting forward the major threads in the interview.For a change i ma putting this as if in the intervie itself that is as Questionare:

Whats Your connection with Malayalam?

I am a malayalee,My father is from kerala and Mother from TamilNadu.I am So lucky to have the mixture of both mallu and tamil culture.

When will you direct a Malaylam movie?

I planned to direct a movie with Mammotty some years before,but because of the date problems,it was dropped.

Apart from Suriya,Madhavan,SarathKumar whom all would you like to take movies?

I have an ambition to make movies with Rajinikanth,Mammotty,Mohanlal And Amitabh Bachhan.My upcoming project is with Mohanlal.

Why did you gave that negative Character fro Jyothika in Pachakili Muthucharam?

Acttually jyothika  is a good  friend of mine.I discussed the subject with her and said that there are two caharcters in the movie one positive and one negative.Choose the one you like.Jyothika read the script and called me saying that she wish to do the negative.

Your Movie songs are picturized wonderfully,What about the efforts taken?

Acually i dont preplan any of my songs.But its just happens .But I spent much time is picturising  Song.

Why a movie like Vettaiyadu Vilayadu,which haunts us when back from theater?

I  do subject with difference,I did lovestory Minnale,Then a Police story and the a story of Serial killer in Vettaiyadu Vilayadu. And that  haunting was demanded.

Jyothika in next film?

She is now a wife and have a kid , going on with a busy home schedule ,I think she wont act at present.

Gautham menon is nit very talkative ,gave apt answers to the questions,lets hope for a best movie from him with Mohanlal

Asin fed up with gossips!


Who is the kolly actress who wasnt that affected by much gossips? The answer is Asin Thottumkal.She wasnt that affected by the gossip makers,through her career in Kollywood(till VEL and Dasavatharam)  no hot news was heard about her.May be of her Innocent looks.

But now the situation changed ,See the power or Bollywood.She just did a single film in Bollywood and now she is all after gossips.It was said that Aamir Khan was spending lots of amount of time with Aamir Khan  and in his house.She said that Aamir was giving Hindi classes to her.Now she is doing London Dreams with Salman khan.And Salman Khan as always is the famous star of the gossips columnists.Now some gossips are hearing about Asin and Salman,but Asin denied all that saying that Salman is just her good friend and she had learned lots of things from Salman.Yeah,so Salman is okay with Katrina Kaif.

Anyways last day Asin pleaded news makers to leave her alone ,she just wants to concentrate in her acting.Vipul Amrutlal Shah is the director of London Dreams-He is the director of Namastey London,Waqt,Aankhen etc with the new superstar or Recent flopstar Akshya Kumar.London Dreams is the movie about the dream of  Two Friends(Ajay Devgan and Salman Khan ) from Mumbai who wants to be Rock stars in London.

Recently some Asin Photos was out ,she was wearing a small top.These photos indicate that she is turning out to be glamorous in Bollywood and we can expect something more from her in the coming days.But Never expect a Bikini or something from her as Nayanthara did,She have said that already and Moreover She is not a Nayantara who exposes everything just for money,without looking the value of roles.We can say this by checking biths careers.Asin has done lots of movies like Ghajini, and all proving her Caliber.Even though Nayantara got a fair role in Yaredi nee Mohini,It wasn’t up to Mark.

Nayanthara create problems in Kerala Temple


Nayanthara is always controverisal.Lots of hot news was spread around her.1st of all is the lip kiss scene with Simbhu in vallavan and one private lip kiss scene .Later she split up with Simbhu  and then after Sathyam Vishal substituted the position of Simbhu.She wore a bikini in Billa which also created much noise against her.Peoples of TN created temple for her while she acted in Chandramukhi.But now check what is the situation in kerala.

She got in Vishu into Killikaavu Temple in Manicheri wearing a Salwar Kameez.Authorities said that it was prohibited and She should not wear a Salwar Kameez.. (Should she come nude? LOL..).Anyways she got angry against the authorities and said she will enter the temple in Salwar Kameez and she called the bodyguards.HAHA but what did her bodyguards say”?Madam,Better not enter into the temple wearing Salwar Kameez” .Our own Nayans  failed and quit!Anyways this was a feast to drunkarads around their and they tried to abuse our own Nayanthara

Awesome Trio going to be true-Mohanlal,priyadarsan and Amal Neerad

An awesome trio is gonna be work out.Mohanlal joins with priyadarsan after a wide interval.And this time the director is not Priyadarsan,but a man with immense talent, AMAL NEERAD.His Sagar Alias JAcky reloaded has now crossed 30 days and is still topping in the box office with record breaking collections.The Movie Sagar Alias Jacky was that stylish to show his talents.

This time Priyadarsan acts as a script writer and producer.Welcome back Priyadarsan Welcome back to Malayalam movies.Priyadarsans latates movei Billu with SHahrukh Khan was a good hit and was also a good remake of Kadha Parayumbol by Sreenivasan.

This movie is expected to start shoot in June,and the content is still unaware but from priyadarsan we can expect Romance,Comedy and from Amal neerad we can expect style and so the movie should be a mix of all these..Priyadarsan is shooting a malayalam movie after around 6 years.So lets hope for the best from the trio