Kavya Madhavan Photos from Sadhu Mirandal

Kavya Madhavan is Mallus own girl,she is often termed as beautiful and talented.She came to Malayalam in Kamal’s Azhagiya Ravana with mammotty,now an interesting fact is that she is going to act with Mammotty as his heroine in the next movie Pattanathil bhootham.Pattanathil Bhootham will release in  June 2nd week and will Compete with blesse-Mohanlal’s Bhramaram,in which bhoomika Chawla is the heroine

Kavya Madhavan got a state award shared with meera jasmine in Perumazhakkalam,directed by her godfather Kamal himself.Now what comes as the hot  served meal is that She will be most probably stop acting after Pattanathil bhootham,she is now married to Nishal Chandra and news’s are spreading that she will be settling in some foreign countries soon.According to kavya, Mallus consider kavya madhavan as one of their family members,So it will be difficult for the mallu audiences to accept the fact that she is gonna stop acting!Lots of other talented actress like Parvathy,Samyuktha Varma,Divya unni,Jomol,Manju Warrier etc stopped acting after marriage.I think only Meera Jasmine will become as an exception(In the future).

These Kavya Madhavan photos are from the movie Sadhu Mirandal directed by Siddique,Shot as a song for the movie,Her figure was exposed in the song which made her fans restless..Kavya Madhavan hot pictures are posted before.

Illeana Photos


illeana is now very much popular in the Telugu industry,She is no far away from getting into the top level. Illeana is really blessed with luck to act with superstars like Venketesh and all and also with the youth superstar mahesh babu.Now illean is practicing some yoga or something like that for her new movie!


Kanthaswamy Photos and Wallpapers

The wait for Kanthaswamy is finally gonna be over .Kanthaswamy is all set to release will release very soon in big screen. Vikram is now following the 1.5 Year formula after Anniyan and Bheema. What the specialty of Kanthaswamy was that a vibe was created by putting out the trailer during the shooting start itself.Shriya Saran Pairs Vikram in Kanthaswamy,She looks in a tomboy cut during some song sequences,anyways good time for Shreya to act in some big projects like Sivaji and all.

famous mallu actor Indrajith(Brother of Prithviraj) does the villain role in the film,Indrajith said that he was that lucky to act with vikram. news spread that a song for Kanthaswamy was shot in mexico which cost 6 crores,the overall budget estimated for the movie was 30 crore.Kanthaswamy wallpapers was out very long time before so that the marketing technique worked out very nicely,anyways we have to wait till the release to know how much  have these techniques helped the movie.

Bhumika Chawla Pictures (Photoshoot)

Bhumika Chawla is one of the cutest actress in telugu,Tamil or even in bollywood .She did some bunch of bollywood films like tera naam( The Hindi remake of bala’s Sethu,Tamil Done by Vikram) The movie was a Moderate hit and Salman Khan did the role of Vikram.Bhumika’s Turning point was the role in Silunnu Oru kadhal with Suriya,The Song Munbe Va was a tremondous hit.And Bhumika Got noticed much through that song.Lots of other actress Like Sneha and all followed the same formula to become a star.The next movie of Bhumika is Bhramaram with Mohanlal and Blessey.Ina a recent Interview Bhumika said that she was excited to see the acting of the Veteran actor Mohanlal and she was amassed to see how easily Mohanlal acts in each scene.IN Bhramaram Bhumika does the role of Mohanlals wife who has a kid

Bhramaram Photogallery-Await another piece of Good Cinema-Bhramaram For June Release

Bhramaram is the Latest movie of Mohanlal after Bhagavan,Initial reports of Bhagavan says that the movie is going to be a Mega Flop.Even diehard Mohanlal fans says  that Prashant Mambullys direction was horrible!.Malayalam Movies are coming one by one,but the question arises that good cinema is now really an Unreachable Grape for the Mallus. while considering last year lots of good cinemas like Calcutta News,Thalappavu,Thirakkatha where there but still a masterpiece was not born.

Bhramaram is the next movie directed by Blessy after Calcutta News ,a flop one(Even though the Movie had lots of good elements in it) Palunku was also an average hit so presently blessy Desperately needs a hit now.Lets hope it will happen through Mohanlal in bharamaram.Thanmaatra was a wonderful craft of cinema,It was  also  a  big hit. Thanmatra was that movie which took the Malayalam movies to good height.Lets wait and see the magic pair Blessy-Mohanlal will deliver another Master piece through Bhramaram.

Bhramaram tells the story of 5 days of  a Driver(Mohanlal) who gets into the life of Lakshmi gopalaswami and her family. Bhoomika Chawla plays an important character as Mohanlals wife. Bharamam will be releasing in June.

Asins latest movie 19 steps in making

The recent sensation of Bollywood – Asin is getting ready for her next block buster 19 STEPS, which is to be directed by Bharath Bala. The movie is set to be released in 3 languages – Tamil, Japanese and English. This will be the biggest production house that Asin has ever worked for – Walt Disney Pictures.

As reported by the Bollywood Movies Blog The movie also has the most prominent star of South-India, Padmashree Kamal Hassan in the lead role. It also has many stars like popular Japanese actor Tadanobu Asano. Veteran scriptwriter M.T.Vasudevan Nair is handling the script.