Meera Jasmine Pictures|photogallery

Meera Jasmine is one of the most super actress alive at the industry,the term super actress is used or one himself use it if one check her career achievements,Meera Jasmine won the national award for the best actress in padam onnu oru Vilapam and tons of other awards in her career and the true fact is that she deserves it all.Meera Jasmine has the glamorous image as well as the cute image,She came to the Malayalam movie industry through the late Lohita Das movie Soothradaran.And now at present in 2010 she has hand full of movies like Moksha,pensingam etc and some telugu movies also.Some Meera jasmine photos form Moksha movie are also given.

The Mallu audiences is little angry with Meera Jasmine as they are now really missing their own meera as she is doing some occasional films in Malayalam with Sathyan Anthikad only! Meera also recently said openly that She will involve in passionate scenes with actors who she is comfortable to do with.Another hot news about meera jasmine is that She will be the sooner getting married with Sitar expert whom was her love for a long time.

Hema Malini Photos-The girl from Naan Avan illai 2

hema malini is the new Tamil actress who is a native of Mumbai  and came to films after her modelling days had become so popular with in 1 year  in the Tamil film industry due to her hot  skin shows. she debuted in films with  indravizha , a Tamil movie in 2009 directed by  director rajeshwar starring srikanth, namitha, rahasya, vivek and nassar. the film was released  in 10th july  and story revolves about sexual harassment during the work and is the last film signed by veteran late actor raghuvaran as he died during the film productions. anyway sruthi prakash, the original name of hema malini got a good start for her race  and then signed in naan avan illai – sequel of 2007 hit naan avan illai  starring jeevan. the film was directed by selva  and along with hema, the other female leads where sangeeta, lakshmi rai, rachana maurya, and big shweta menon- all showing maximum skin shows in the film. the sequel  is a big hit also and is now also running in good collections. hema malini is now not interested in her name hema and is again changing her name back to the original sruthi prakash. her new project in the 2010 year is  guru sishiyan with s athyaraj and sundar.c.

Rachana Maurya Photos|Rachana Maurya hot pictures

Rachana Maurya is an item girl who had been in and out of film industry for ages. she become popular to south through the big hit sequel  naan avan ilai 2 of naan avan illai, a playboy type movie- a remake of 1974  gemini ganeshan same title movie . she debuted in films through item dance in dus starring sanjay dut- abhisekh bachan in 2005. her some  item dances are there in aashiq banaya apne, uppi dada mbbs – remake of munna bhai mbbs in kannada, yaradi nee mohini, 13B-(starring  madhavan , neethu chandra ,), etc. her first long role comes in 2009 naan avan illai 2, which changed her name from item dancer but had her most glamour skin offs to is maximum.any way  she is establishing herself in films and  acted in all  types of languages- Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi.

Kamna Jethmalini photos in half saree

Kamna Jethmalini the daughter of the famous businessman is now famous  all over the south Indian movie industry,she hasn’t exposed that much .Kamna Jethmalini first film was a flop but second film Ranam was a good success commercially.Here are some photos of Kamna Jethmalini in her new movie in which she exposes her curves in a shall less saree and hero trying to show his heroism.Kamna Jethmalini photos

kamalini mukherjee Photos

kamalini mukherjee is an actress who became popular in one single song named Partha Muthal in vettaiyadu vilayadu with Kamalhassan,In this movie kamalini mukherjee acted as a late wife of kamalhassan and later she did the role of teacher in the Telugu and Malayalam blockbuster movie HappyDays. kamalini mukherjee is now 30 years old and still she looks young and hot that she is very busy in the cine industry.kamalini mukherjee new films are Police Police and kuttraipirivu,kamalini mukherjee mainly concentrates on Telugu movies.Here are some photos of her from different movie and some poses in  hot skirt.


Madhumitha in Saree Pics and Images Collection

Madhumitha is now a famous actress both in Tamil and Telugu films. She  has got a very appealing face and also has got talent to act in serious roles.She has now given her dates to many Tamil and Telugu movies. Some of her old famous movies are Kudaikul mazhai ( 2004), Englishkarran with sathyaraj and namitha in 2005 and Nallai. Madhumitha debuted  her acting career under her birth name Swapna Madhuri in 2002 in a Telugu movie Sandade sandadi   by doing 2nd lead supporting role, but she again was restricted to supporting roles in Twelungu movies until she was called in Tamil movie kudaikul mazhai. In this gallery, we feature actress Madhumita in Saree pics and images collection sourced from photoshoots. Watch and share 6+ pics and images of actress Madhumita in Saree.