Aadhavan-Suriya,Naayanthara Movie set to release-Photogallery

Aadhavan is the upcoming movie of Suriya after the two blockbusters Vaaranam Aayiram and Ayan with tamanna and Sameera Reddy.Aadhavan is the next movie directed by KS ravikumar after h trend maked movie Dasavatharam of Kamalhassan who did Unnai pol oruvan with mohanlal after Dasavatharam.Aadhavan is gonna release soon and songs of Aadhavan are already good hits

Suriya in his lifetime acts as a Negative Role in aadhavan,he is a Killer who has indulged in certain activities and through which the story develops,Nayanthara is the heroine of Aadhavan and its the next movie of nayantara afte the hot gossips with PrabhuDeva who have currently done WANTED with Salman khan in hindi,whih is the remake of tamil Pokkiri by vijay and ASIN

Songs of Aadhavan as mentioned are creating vibes,Hariss Jayaraj with his midas touch made the songs Hasile Fisile and Yeno yeno much hummable and   top to the charts.

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