AJMAL books a ticket to hollywood!

what a lucky man dr. ajmall is!!!

The world has shrunken some more just to small towns!

Big town Hollywood  is always been willing to shoot in India, andnow they don’t mind starring in our films and casting our stars in theirs.Our movies are being shot in foreign locales, being screened in international film festivals, winning applause and recognition on foreign  air!It’s no wonder  dr. Ajmal is excited right now, because his next film,a crossover movie called Denova, is being made  with an eye  for such film festivals.

Denova, is a english film documentary whose theme ia about spirituality,

its needs, its importance, advantages,

is directed by popular ad film director Swabri. Shooting begins in December  2009 and it will be ready to hit the international film festival  taking place in 2010 mid. The movie will release commercially much later.

“I am really excited about Denova, an offbeat film with a lot of scope for performance.Getting to be a part of such a  movie that will reach a global audience,so early in my career, is indeed a blessing and i m really

thankfull to god to give me an oppurtunity to show by talents,” cries  the young actor.

ajmals latest film was with the shooting of his new tamil movies thiru thiru and kathirvel with sunaina

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