Amisha Patel photos

amisha-patel-22.jpgamisha-patel-19.jpgamisha-patel-18.jpgamisha-patel-16.jpgamisha-patel-14.jpg amisha-patel-13.jpgamisha-patel-11.jpgamisha-patel-05.jpgamisha-patel-04.jpgamisha-patel-03.jpgamisha-patel-01.jpg

Amisha Patel is a symbol of bollywood beauty.Amisha has begun her career with hrithik roshan in Kaho Naa Pyaar Hain. Even though Kaho Naa Pyarr Hain was a wonderful Big Hit, The full credit was stolen by hrithik and Amisha was dissapointed. After an interval she came back with very superb roles. Then She went in Gossips with Vikram Butt, and after a long career, now she is in rest, because she ahs not many films now. Enjoy Amisha Patel Photos now.



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