Amitabh Bacchan Against Maniratnam

Amitabh Bacchan recently said to th public that,his son Abhishek Bacchan didnt get the punch in Raavan as he expected,becuase of that ManiRatnam had cut off lots of scnenes in Raavan where Abhishek did perform well.Maniratnam responded to Big B saying that it was the opinion of Amitabh himself and the movie Raavan is not mad up for Bacchan only but for the whole movie lovers.

Its crystal clear that the jealosy of bollywood has come up again,the tamil Raavanan done by Vikram is a hit and Vikram’s Performance gained mass applause while Abhishek’s Raavan was a Disaster.Hope this will be an end to Abhishek-Maniratnam movies.!

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