Anarkali Akarsha Photos and Pictures

Anarkali Akarsha was born on July 12,1987 in Colombo,Sri Lanka.She started her career as a model after that she came to the film industry.Her first movie was ‘Pissu Trible’ it was released on 2003.Subsequently, she performed in several successful movies, and received acclaim in teledrama performances with her roles as “Inoka” in Sihinayak Paata Paatin and ‘Tanya’ in Santhuwaranaya.She is the youngest actress in the history of Sri Lankan cinema to win the most popular actress award.She has acted as the leading lady in more than 22 movies and 10 teledramas. She also works as a model, brand ambassador and a presenter.Her last released movie is ‘ It’s a Matter of Love ‘.In this gallery you can find out 5+ photos and pictures of Anarkali Akarsha.

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