Asin and deepika padukone with Farah Khan

Recently Asin and Deepika padukone appeared as pair in  Farah Khan’s new chit Chat show,which had been a good success,this tv show has some similiarities with Koffee With Karan by Kara Johar,Asin photos appeared in a blue skirt and her legs were seen while deepika padukone looked slim like skeleton in her casual jeans and top.Bot are busy with their new projects,Asin with London Dreams with Salman Khan which will release post october and Deepika Padukone with her new film of Sajid Khan along with Akshay Kumar and Lara Dutta,Asin has no Tamil movie this as she has hands full of bollywood movies this year,A return of asin is much expected by all the tamil movie fans,as this Ghajini girl is still a tamil girl for all the tamil movie fans,Asin Thottumkal was born as a mallu girl in a place in kerala and is now one of the most promising female actress in Bollywood and no longer far to hollywood!

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  1. vijayavalli Mahadevan March 29, 2010 / 1:08 am

    Deepika Pudukone has the real Kannada face.
    Her eyes are okay.
    The shape and style of her Nose is worst. It is her minus point.
    See the beautiful shapes of the most beautiful Nose of Trisha, Nayanatara, Gopika, Priyamani, Aswini Nachappa, Shobhana, Sameera Reddy, Bharathi, Bhavana, Sandhya, Devayani, Sameera Reddy, Padmapriya, Shreya, Namitha etc.These angels of the screen possess most beautiful Nose.

    The most worst shape of Nose is with Manjula, the daughter of yesteryear Telungu cine male actor Ghattameni Krishna. She is nick named Mukku Manjula.

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