Asin fed up with gossips!


Who is the kolly actress who wasnt that affected by much gossips? The answer is Asin Thottumkal.She wasnt that affected by the gossip makers,through her career in Kollywood(till VEL and Dasavatharam)  no hot news was heard about her.May be of her Innocent looks.

But now the situation changed ,See the power or Bollywood.She just did a single film in Bollywood and now she is all after gossips.It was said that Aamir Khan was spending lots of amount of time with Aamir Khan  and in his house.She said that Aamir was giving Hindi classes to her.Now she is doing London Dreams with Salman khan.And Salman Khan as always is the famous star of the gossips columnists.Now some gossips are hearing about Asin and Salman,but Asin denied all that saying that Salman is just her good friend and she had learned lots of things from Salman.Yeah,so Salman is okay with Katrina Kaif.

Anyways last day Asin pleaded news makers to leave her alone ,she just wants to concentrate in her acting.Vipul Amrutlal Shah is the director of London Dreams-He is the director of Namastey London,Waqt,Aankhen etc with the new superstar or Recent flopstar Akshya Kumar.London Dreams is the movie about the dream of  Two Friends(Ajay Devgan and Salman Khan ) from Mumbai who wants to be Rock stars in London.

Recently some Asin Photos was out ,she was wearing a small top.These photos indicate that she is turning out to be glamorous in Bollywood and we can expect something more from her in the coming days.But Never expect a Bikini or something from her as Nayanthara did,She have said that already and Moreover She is not a Nayantara who exposes everything just for money,without looking the value of roles.We can say this by checking biths careers.Asin has done lots of movies like Ghajini, and all proving her Caliber.Even though Nayantara got a fair role in Yaredi nee Mohini,It wasn’t up to Mark.

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