The Dark Knight Rises Full Review






Director:  Christopher Nolan


Starring:  Christian Bale (Bruce Wayne)

Gary Oldman (Commissioner Gordon)

Anne Hathaway (Selina)

Tom Hardy (Bane)

Marion Cotillard (Miranda)

Morgan Freeman (Fox)

Michael Caine (Alfred)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Blake)


The much awaited movie of this year – The Dark Knight Rises released worldwide on the 20th of July, 2012. The movie came as the third film of the sequel – The Batman Begins(2005), The Dark Knight(2008), directed by Christopher Nolan. The Batman (Christian Bale) who got into the most wanted list after the death Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) returns to Gotham after eight long years when the city came under new threat from a terrorist, Bane (Tom Hardy). The movie which goes for around two hours and forty minutes has all the ingredients needed for a full fledged adventure. Just like every other movie in the sequel, cutting edge technologies are used in all the gadgets used by the batman and the exotic cars like Lamborghini Gallardo do put before you a show. Anne Hathaway’s role as the cold, cunning, yet beautiful ‘cat woman’ is another attraction. Bane who comes as an outcast member of the League of Shadows formed by Raz Al Ghul has the sole agenda of fulfilling Raz Al Ghul’s destiny – Destruction of Gotham and the Dark Knight rises once again to prove it wrong. Bane, whose garbled dialogue, strange voice and accent with his equally strong physique and cold nature have already got into the A-list of the batman villains. But yet it would be too unfair not to mention that, Bane, even with all these attributes was still not as good a comparison to the Joker (Heath Ledger) of The Dark Knight and there wouldn’t be a single Batman fan, who wouldn’t have missed the Joker. Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), who is an officer who gets promoted to a detective plays a very healthy role throughout the movie and is applauded greatly in the end. The roles of Alfred (Michael Caine), Fox (Morgan Freeman) and Miranda Tait (Marion Cotillard) prove equally healthy and very important. The movie has got all the fun, excitement, drama, action, romance and suspense as expected of a Christopher Nolan movie. The director have already put on a show and given a huge treat to the fans with the movie just like with all his previous batman series and ventures like Following (1998), Memento (2000), Insomnia (2002), The Prestige (2006), Inception (2010) etc.

We would give the movie a three and a half star (7.8 on 10) rating. Well, if you haven’t had the opportunity to watch the movie, we would personally recommend you to rush to the nearest theatre and grab a ticket for you and your dear ones because this one shouldn’t be missed.

127 hours Movie Review

127 HOURS  by Danny Boyle(director of Slumdog Millionaire) is a 2010 biographical adventure film based on a true story.The hero Aron Ralston(James Franco), who is a mountain climber, during one of his climbing expeditions to Robbers Roost,Utah( a western state of the United States) is trapped in a cave by a bolder rock.While climbing down the cave a bolder rock which he cathes for support becomes loose and comes down with him and stucks his right arm.He could not take his hands off  because it is tightly stuck to the wall of the cave by that bolder.At last he had to amputate his hand with a small Chinese knife he had after 127 hours.He continues his life journey most successfully after that.

In one way if we look at at the film  it is all about Aron’s 127 hours of struggle to get rid of that bolder stone.But in another point of view the message of the film is really waste.Aron Roston was a selfish man who thought that he is a hero and he can do what ever he wants by himself.So he is staying single and has no connections with his parents or sister.He does not even has his girlfriend with him.He never tells anyone where he is going before his expedition.But when he founds himself in that most tragic situation with very little food and water he becomes aware how weak and helpless he is.His supreme selfishness goes away.And he thinks about everyone in his life.The moments he had made others sad.He feels the sadness of loneliness.But he had to pay his right hand for to start from zero.To come to a new life of caring and loving others.Anyway his gallant struggle to survive and even cut his hand off by himself is really heart touching.He never looses hope and in his terrible struggle to survive he become victorious and the absence of the right hand or this incident never made him stay away from future expeditions.But he always left a note where he was going before he went.

Rima kallingal in yuvan yuvathi…

Rima kallingal the malayali actor and model who has been the first runnersup of  Mrs kerala 2008 contest is all set to capture kollywood . she is making her debut with Barath in his new film yuvan yuvathi.The film is directed by kumaravel who had directed  Ninaithale Inikkum. Yuvan  yuvathi is all about 2 youngsters working in an IT companey. It also tells u the realtionship between father (Sampath) and son (Barath). Music, composed by Vijay Antony, Gopi Jagadeswaran is the cinematographer. The film is expected to release   January. Rima kallingal made her debut in malayalam film industry by rithu in 2009, the film was well appreciated by its new story and wonderfull performace of rima as a corporate girl. A dancer by profession, Ms Kallingal has performed on national and international stages. She holds a bachelors in Journalism. lets wait for more films of this out standing talented girl.

Mallika Sherawat Photos from Hisss

The much awaited Jennifer lynch directed movie ‘Hiss’ is finally in theaters . The Mallika Sherawat plays the role of the snake women who avenges those who took away her lover. Apart from the glamour the special effects and other stuff of the movie are worth watching .Irfan Khan plays the role of the cop who investigates the suspicious killing of people . The music done by Anu Malik is also not so bad . the revenge of the snake lady has been theme of many Bollywood movies including the Nagina (1986) where the stunning Sreedevi played the role. With some great direction by Jennifer lynch and Mallika Sherawat doing the lead role we can expect a great movie in Bollywood.

Stunning Neha sharma rocks Bollywood

The Telugu actress NehaSharma shooks Bollywood with her stunning looks .she was born and brought in delhi .she was born in 21 st November 1987. she did her fashion designing from nift delhi(2006). she made her entry into the films by the much anticipated film chirutha with Ram charan teja and the film was a hit and collected over 32 crores . after 3 years she is making her Hindi debut with imran hasmi in the film crook directed by the “kalyug fame” Mohit suri and prodused by Mahesh bhatt .crook is about Imran hashmi a young boy living in a poor life style with neha as his girlfriend



Is the llayadalapathy of Tamil film industry  the sensational vijay a real ” copy star” its hard to hear for a die hard vijay fan , but from certain facts and a video thats currently uploaded by somone in youtube it seems its right . some dance steps from his recent movie sura is found copied from  arya 2 where the stylish star allu arjun brought them to perfection .vijay fans maynot read this article but we found something true in  this comparison ,you watch and decide