Top 10 Unknown and Interesting facts about RajiniKanth


Rajinikanth, the stylish super star who have millions of fans all around the globe is known for his finest acting skills and his unequivocal talent to perform heroic styles. He is a down to earth person. Here is some facts about him that many of us didn’t knew.

1) Second highest paid actor in Asia. 


He got  Rs 26 crore remuneration for his film sivaji which was a super hit and became the highest paid actor in India and second highest in Asia after Jackie Chan. He broke his own record when he was paid Rs 45 Crore for the Blockbuster film  Endhiran.


2) His real name is Shivaji Rao Gaekwad. 


When we think about Tamil film Industry the first name which pops in our mind is Rajinikanth. But did you knew that he is not a tamilian by birth? Rajinikanth was born to a Marathi family who resided in Mysore state ( present day Karnataka). His mother was a housewife and his father Ramoji Rao Gaekwad was a police  constable. Rajinikanth’s birth name was Shivaji Rao Gaekwad after the great Marathi King and warrior  Chhatrapati Shivaji.


3) His favorite Actor is Kamal Hassan 


Rajinikanth is the favorite actor to many of us. Have you ever thought who might be his favorite actor? It’s Kamal Haasan , another Titan of Tamil Film industry . They have worked together in many movies and Rajinikanth considers him a close friend.

4) Only actor to be featured in CBSE Syllabus 


Everyone gets featured in Page 3 or Desi blogs but to be included in the CBSE syllabus ? Well that is really something.


5) He hasn’t died on screen for quite sometime . 


His ardent fan following is so intense that they can’t bear the death of their superstar even on silver screen and henceforth his character has been immortal for many years. It’s also been rumored that in the Mani Ratnam’s film Thalapathi Rajini was Killed in the climax but it was changed later fearing the fan riot.

6) Rajinikanth has acted in a Hollywood movie. 


Rajanikanth has played a significant role in the 1988 hollywood movie, The Bloodstone. The movie was directed by  Dwight H. Little whose other works include Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid, Rapid Fire and has directed some episodes of the notable sitcoms 24, Prison Break and Arrow.

7) He did a triple role in the movie Moondru Mugam 


In the 1982 film Moondru Mugam Rajini did a Triple role  as Alex Pandian, Arun and John. The movie was a superhit and was running over 250 days in the box office. He also bagged the award for the best actor from the Tamilnadu Government. 

 8) Worked as Coolie and Carpenter


Many of us know he worked as a bus conductor but when he was in bangalore and chennai he worked as a coolie and carpenter for earning a livelihood.

9) Twitter. 


He joined Twitter in 2014 and got a record number of followers(210,000)  in just 24 hours which according to Economic Times is the fastest rate of followers for any Indian Celebrity

10)  His first screenplay was in the movie Valli


We know him as a fabulous actor but did you know he had written screenplays. His first screenplay was for the movie Valli which was directed by K. Nataraj. He also produced the film and did a small role in it. 


Top 10 Unknown and Interesting facts about Kamal Haasan


Kamal Haasan ,born on 7th November 1954 is one of the finest actors in the Tamil Film Industry. He is known for his passionate, irrevocable and unique acting methodology and unconditional dedication towards the film industry.  Let us have a look at some facts about him that most of us might not have heard of .

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1) Won the President’s Gold medal as Child actor 


We have seen many of his films. How many of us did know that he had done many roles during his childhood ?  Kamalhassan even won the President’s Gold medal for his role in the film Kalathur Kannamma. He was just a 4 year old kid  then.


2) His first Script was in the age of 18 years 

hqdefault (1)

He wrote his first script for the movie ‘ Unarchigal ‘ when he was 18 years old. It was about a poor man who rescues a prostitute and falls in love with her eventually. The movie got stuck-up with censor board and was released in 1976. Unarchigal was remade in Malayalam as Raasaleela and  got released in 1975 before the Original.


3) He has got a total of 18 Filmfare Awards


He got the maximum number of  Filmfare awards totalling about of 18. The maestro A.R Rahman is in second place with 14 awards. Along with this Kamal Hassan was the first actor to win National Award for best actor thrice.


4) Have acted in many multilingual Films


We know actors who can act in 2 or 3 different languages but can you believe that Kamal Haasan has acted in 6 different languages including Hindi , Malayalam , Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Bengali language films. Isn’t that something.


5) Inspiration to Quentin Tarantino


The famous Hollywood Director Quentin Tarantino has once said Anurag Kashyap that he got the inspiration to the animation sequence in Kill Bill from the Kamal Haasan Movie Abhay, which was the Bollywood remake of the original film Aalavandhan.


6) Oscar Nomination


His movies have the record of representing India maximum number of times (7 times) in Oscar in the category ‘ Best foreign movie’.

7)  Queen Elizabeth launched Marudhanayagam


His prestigious project Marudhanayagam was launched  by Queen Elizabeth II. The film, which was supposed to become one of the best in his career, is yet to resume shooting.


8)  He is Known for Charity


Kamal Hassan is always known for his humanitarian efforts but did you knew that he and his Iyakkam  ( Welfare Association) has donated 10000 eye pairs.  He received the First Abraham Kovoor National Award for this efforts in the year 2004.


9)  First actor to receive Rs 1 Crore Remuneration


He is the first actor in Indian film industry to get Rs 1 Crore as his remuneration for a single film in the year 1994. Earlier this record was held by the Legendary actors Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Bachchan.


10) Kamal Hassan was casted in Enthiran

Kamal Haasan in Enthiran 2-Robot 2-Rajinikanth-Shankar-Tamil Movie 2015-Onlookers Media

Did you know that Kamal Haasan was chosen by Shankar to play the lead role in the movie Enthiran. The film was initially planned with Kamal and Preity  Zinta in 1998 but due to some financial reasons the movie got suspended before the start. The pictures of the photoshoot taken for the movie had been released recently.


Kamal Hassan is said to be in the works of the sequel of his movie Vishwaroopam. The movie is named Vishwaroopam 2 

Top 10 Unknown and Interesting Facts about Mohanlal

Mohanlal is one of the finest actors of Malayalam Film Industry (Molly wood). He with his seamless acting and charming smile has robed the heart of millions of fans worldwide. Now let us have a look at some interesting facts about this legend.

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1) Mohanlal’s first Movie was not Manjil Virinja Pookkal


You think his first movie was ‘Manjil Virinja Pookkal ‘?  You got it wrong. His first movie was Thiranottam that he made with his friends Maniyan Pilla Raju, Suresh Kumar, Unni, Ravi Kumar and others. Nevertheless, it took 25 years for the movie to be released in theaters. The movie got released only at one theater in Kollam in 2005

2) Endorsed by Time Magazine


He is one among the few Indian actors endorsed by the TIME magazine .TIME quoted him as India’s answer to Marlon Brando.


  3) State Gusthi Champion


We love when Latettan ( that’s what Keralites call him fondly) performs breath taking stunt scenes in movies. Do you know that Mohanlal was actually the State Gusthi Champion in 1977-78? He also received a honorary black belt in the famous Martial art Taekwondo.


4)College days and enmity with Priyadarshan


We all know about his friendship with the famous director Priyadarshan. However, the little known fact is that they were arch-rivals during college days as they supported two different political parties.There’s also a rumor that the two were in hunt for a girl (remember triangle love stories in movies) during college period and they literally fighted in open for winning her heart!


5) First Award


Mohanlal has bagged more than 2 dozen popular awards during his career including 3 National awards but do you know which was his first award? . He got his first award when he was in 6th grade. He did the role of a ninety year old person in a stage play named The Computer boy .


6)Owns a flat in Burj Khalifa

He is one of the few Indians who owns a flat in Burj Khalifa . Besides that he has a villa in Arabian Ranches and a Scandinavian style house in Ooty.


7) Mohanlal is a fabulous singer


Besides an awesome actor he is also a fabulous singer and has sung more than 30 songs including the popular song “Aattumanal Paayayil”in the 2012 movie Run Baby Run


8)  Iruvar is not his first tamil movie

Did you think Mohanlal’s first tamil movie was Mani Ratnam’s Iruvar? You got it wrong pal. It was Gopura Vasalile directed by Priyadarshan. He did a special appearance in the movie.

Watch from 4.48




9) Mohanlal as Story writer

Other than being a fantastic actor and producer he has also tried his hand in story writing. He has written story for the movie Swapnamalika directed by K.A Devarajan. He has played leading role in the movie as well. The film is not yet released and has been delayed for unknown reasons.

Swapna Malika trailer

10) Rejected for Manjil Virinja Pookkal


During the 1980’s in response to an audition call by Navodaya, Mohanlal’s friends had sent his pictures to the studio. Although he was called for the audition he was rejected by the panel comprised of famous directors like Sibi Malayalil & Fazil. But somehow he was able to impress  Jijo Navodaya and got a chance to portray the antagonist in the movie ‘Manjil Virinja Pookkal

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