Ayesha takia is back after wedding!

Its not as the case of Malayalam movie industry ,in Malayalam movies if one gets married she says a good bye to film industry as Samyuktha Verma,Manju Varier,Parvathy etc are examples.Latest one is of Kavya Madhavan who got married to Nishal Chandra news are spreading that they are gonna divorce!Anyways Kavya Madhavan has signed a new film named Madamkolli with Prithviraj in whivh Major RAvi is the director.

Similar is not the case of Bollywood,Recently Ayesha takia got married and she has a bunch of films which are gonna release soon!Paathshala,Wanted and the list goes on.Ayesha Takia had an unbelievable figure and latest buzz is that she got rid of her figure consulting a doctor!Ayesha takia hot photos are taken from her different photo shoots

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