Baba Kalyani from Mohanlal

Baba Kalyani is the new upcoming movie from Mohanlal ,the Versatile actor of India, especially a Mallu. He is very talented and his New film Baba Kalyani is Cops story. Directed by famous Action Director Shaji Kailas and edited by Talented Don max. Story is from SN Swamy a Veteran writer in Malayalam. The story  line of Baba Kalyani is this: Lal is Baba kalyani on Title role, very attached to his Mum, and a Powerful cop on Anti Terrorist wing. His opponents and enemies transfer him to their reign, by using their Political Influence. They want to take revenge on Baba, who then Fights them. Story line is very Simple as for every Shaji type Movies, but the movie will be a commercial entertainer on X Mas for mallus and Lal Fans.

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