Baby boy for Surya and Jyothika

Surya became father again,A baby boy was born for jyothika last june 7 4.03 am.After the first baby girl Diya,Surya and Jyothika were looking forward for another baby.The baby and Jyothika is resting fine at a private hospital.Anyways All India Surya fans are now very much enthralled not only because the baby is born,but also of that Surya’s new movie with Anushka, Singam is a hit.The movie has got good collection reports and it indiactes the third consecutive hit of Surya with hari after Aaru and Vel.

Tamilqueens congratulate you Surya for having another baby boy,common fans congratulate Surya and Jyothika.

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  1. razi mohammed June 10, 2010 / 7:17 am

    Hi ! ! !,
    How r u? I am fine. How is everything?
    I was in kochi in India for a week with mr.ruabs company.
    He took me to udupi by seeing a girl in kochi & the
    girl wanted to come to kwi but i agreed. I think my
    marriage will be next yr after engagement.
    Mr.ruab did engagement this week & i did not see bhabhi.
    I did hair fixing for conditioner & shampoo & comb for
    2100 rs.
    He fixed another hair but i did not have enough money to
    buy it.
    He did it well cutting edges to look good.
    Mr.khais chacha & chachi came for mr.ruabs engagement.
    Mr.rumi & bhabhi & ayan came to see the function.
    I was not present.
    I went to amrita hospital for back ache pain & physiotheraphy
    Dr. gave me excercises to do by lady Dr.
    She gave paper to do it continously after going to kwi.
    I bought sweets 6 boxes for 1680 rs. I will give as soon as i
    reach kwi.
    Mr.ruab is leaving today & i am leaving by connection flight by
    I am glad to have good fixing in kwi.
    Here the climate is hot & shiny.
    Convey my salams to all.
    Mr.jabir is coming tomorw to pick up ms.assia. Mummy & ms.assia
    came with me to do my work compleately.
    Take care.

    Place : Kochi, Kerala, India Signing out,

    Date : 10-Jun-2010 Razi

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