Bhramaram Photogallery-Await another piece of Good Cinema-Bhramaram For June Release

Bhramaram is the Latest movie of Mohanlal after Bhagavan,Initial reports of Bhagavan says that the movie is going to be a Mega Flop.Even diehard Mohanlal fans says  that Prashant Mambullys direction was horrible!.Malayalam Movies are coming one by one,but the question arises that good cinema is now really an Unreachable Grape for the Mallus. while considering last year lots of good cinemas like Calcutta News,Thalappavu,Thirakkatha where there but still a masterpiece was not born.

Bhramaram is the next movie directed by Blessy after Calcutta News ,a flop one(Even though the Movie had lots of good elements in it) Palunku was also an average hit so presently blessy Desperately needs a hit now.Lets hope it will happen through Mohanlal in bharamaram.Thanmaatra was a wonderful craft of cinema,It was  also  a  big hit. Thanmatra was that movie which took the Malayalam movies to good height.Lets wait and see the magic pair Blessy-Mohanlal will deliver another Master piece through Bhramaram.

Bhramaram tells the story of 5 days of  a Driver(Mohanlal) who gets into the life of Lakshmi gopalaswami and her family. Bhoomika Chawla plays an important character as Mohanlals wife. Bharamam will be releasing in June.

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