Nayan and Namitha inbilla 2007, exclusive photos and preview



Bila 2007, is an Ajith’s new film with the sizzling actress Namitha and Nayantara.Billa 2007 is a remake of the Rajinikanth-Sripriya starred Billa from the eighties. The Billa 2007 is apparently packed with more style, effects plus contemporary modifications in the theme.

Billa (Ajith) heads a narcotic gang that smuggles and ships drugs keeping Maleshya as their forwarding point. Billa’s gang has Narang (Santhanam) and Anita (Namitha). Anitha, in addition to being a member in his drug-wing, is Billa’s most favorite plaything
The DCP (Prakash Raj) sets a trap to pin down the whole gang that is increasingly threatening the Intelligence and Anti-Narcotic Department. Roma (Nayantara), is a lady-in-distress, orphaned by one of Billa‘s killing sprees. She too joins the gang, but inwardly, she keeps making plans to take revenge on the gangster and delete him

During a fruitful chase, another DSP (Prabhu) tracks down Billa and takes him into his custody. But to the cop’s disappointment, Billa’s underlings scattered during the encounter and escape. In an attempt to put a stop to the tug-of-war, the DSP decides not to reveal the capture. Working on an alternative plan, he stumbles upon Jeeva (Ajith), a precious find because he is a look-alike of Billa. Unexpectedly, the don dies. The DSP transforms Jeeva into Billa, educating the club singer about the looks, mannerisms and ways perfectly resembling the original, then plants him in the gang. When things take the planned course, the DSP gets brutally killed in a blast.Now danger and destruction surround Jeeva from all sides. Roma has an old account to be settled; the gang is waiting to snuff out their notorious leader while the fake-Billa has to disentangle and distance himself from the plot. Jeeva has only one way to retrace the original identity of Billa to protect himself.
Jeeva gains a tip about the last piece of evidence, a disc that contains details of Billa’s criminal activities. After a trail of events, he triumphs in his search-mission and finds the disc.

William Ang, who has choreographed stunts for Jackie Chan movies, has worked on some exclusive pieces for Billa 2007. Besides, Billa 2007 has been brought together the best talents in the industry.Yuvan Shankar Raja doing the music, Nirav Shah is the cameraman and Sreekar Prasad is the editor.Script,screenplay,dialogues and direction are by Vishnuvardhan.

Major portions of Billa 2007 are filmed in Malaysia, around the tropical Langkawi Island as well as the towering Petronas Twin Towers and the Jalan Masjid India area, known as the ‘Little India’ of Kuala Lumpur.


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