Bumper For Vishu Releases

All three vishu releases have cashed big time in malayalam box office.the tremendous results r because of summer vaccations and vishu coming together this time.Out of the 3 releases cobra,mayamohini,22 female kottayan,the last 2 have gained blockbuster status and cobra is an average crosser.mayamohini staring dileep is declared as an blockbuster by box office and 22 female kottayam by aashiq abu is running towards that position.Mammootys cobra has got initial opening but lost its audience towrds the end due to lack of a gud script.ordinary which has opend before vishu as declard 2012’s  1st blckbuster n still running in all of the released centres.
After vishu releases such as grandmaster , hero are all expecting such good run due to summer holidays.

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