Devi(l) Tamil movie video song

Video song of Devi(l) movie directed by AL Vijay, starring PrabhuDeva, Amy Jackson and Tamannah

Bhavana Video Songs – Top 10 Video Songs of Actress Bhavana

In this post, we are presenting the most popular video songs of Bhavana selected from the best movies she has performed till date. Bhavana started her film career in Malayalam at the young, vibrant age of 18. Beginning with a Malayalam movie named “Nammal”, she has then moved on to act in Tamil, Kannada & Telugu languages. Bhavana had an outstanding career so far in South Indian Cinema. So here we present a set of top 10 bhavana video songs selected based on popularity in Youtube.

 #1 – Kathal Vaithu from Deepavali 

This is an interesting melody in which Bhavana shares screen with Jayam Ravi. The movie is Deepavali in which Bhavana plays the role of heroine with medical condition.

#2 – Maadhaveetan Ennum  from Arabiyum Ottakavum

 The 2nd song in the list is from a Malayalam movie starred by Mohanlal & Mukesh. Bhavana plays a lead role in this movie. The song is shot in gulf countries and their deserts.

#3 – Sadha Ninna Kannali from Bachchan 

The 3rd song in the list is from a Kannada movie named Bachchan. Bhavana has acted in Kannada movies more than Tamil movies.  You will enjoy the song!

#4 – Hey Dushyantha from Soolam 

Yet another tamil song from Bhavana. This one is the famous “Hey Dushyantaa” from Soolam in which Ajith plays the hero.

#5 – Aalochane from Romeo Feat 

5th song is a Kannada song from a recent movie named Romeo Feat.

#6 – Unmela Aasapettu from Vaazhthukal 

This tamil song is from the movie Vaazhthukal in which Madhavan and Bhavana are in lead roles. Enjoy the song!

#7 – Chilambolikatte from C I D Moosa

Here comes the 2nd Malayalam movie song from Bhavana. This song is from one of her first movies named CID Moosa (released in 2003). Bhavana plays heroine to Dileep in this movie.

#8 Vennilave from Sagar Alias Jacky 

Yet another Malayalam movie song from Bhavana. The movie is “Sagar Alias Jacky” in which Bhavana plays lead heroine to Mohanlal.

#9 Kannullona from Hero 

Yet another Kannada movie song of Bhavana from the movie Hero. Have a look!

#10 – Kilikal Parannatho from Trivandrum Lodge 

We are winding up the list with a melody from Malayalam movie Trivandrum Lodge. In this movie Bhavana plays lead heroine to Anoop Menon (a budding actor in Malayalam).

We will be coming up with more video lists of Bhavana and other actress. Stay tuned for more!

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Jyothika Video Songs – Top 7 Video Songs of Actress Jyothika

In this article, we feature the Top 7 video songs of actress Jyothika selected from different movies she has performed till date. These videos are selected based on popularity in Youtube. So here enjoy the the top 7 Jyothika video songs in Youtube.

#1 – Uyirin Uyire from Kakka Kakka

“Uyirin Uyire” is an evergreen song which will last for many decades to come. Surya and Jo has performed outstandingly well in this amazingly choreographed song from Kakka Kakka. A big set of applause goes to Gautam Menon for his directorial skills.

#2 – Swasame from Thenali

“Swaasame” is an excellent melody from the movie Thenali. Kamal & Jo has done a wonderful job in making this video beautiful.

 #3 – Kaatrin Mozhiye from Mozhi

“Kaatrin Mozhiye” is another sweet melodious song composed by Vidya Sagar for the movie Mozhi.

#4 – Senyoreeta from Poovellaam Kettuppar

Senyoreeta is a chilling stage performance from the movie Poovellam Kettuppar. Surya & Jo shares the screen.

#5 – Uyirile Enathu Uyirile from Vettaiyadu Vilayadu 

Uyirile Enathu Uyirile is melody from Vettaiyadu Viladu in which Jo & Kamal Hassan forms excellent screen presence.


#6 – Newyork Nagaram Urangum Neram from Silunu oru Kaadhal 

NewYork Nagaram is a composition by A R Rahman for the movie Silunu Oru Kadhal. Surya & Jo shares the screen.


#7 – Churidhar Anininthitu Vantha from Poovellam Kettuppar 

This is another song from the Surya Jyothika couple. No wonder they form an amazing pair in real life as well.

So hope you have enjoyed these 7 Jyothika video songs. We will be compiling similar video series on Jyothika and other actress as well in coming days. Stay tuned!

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