Thala Ajith and Shalini Blessed with New Baby Boy – KuttyThala

News!! Thala Ajith and Shalini is blessed with baby boy. The social media started calling the new born with hash tage #KuttyThala! The tag is trending through out Twitter and other Social medias! The new born is Ajith Shalini couple’s second one. The birth time was 4.30 AM (2nd March). Mother and KuttyThala are doing fine. They have a 7 year old daughter Anoushka. The couple has not declared any name for the new born! We all are eagerly waiting for that. We wish Thala and Shalini all the goodness!

Ajitha Shalini New Boy - Kutty Thala

So that’s KuttyThala! You may see some other pics from hospital!

ajith_new_babyAjith Shalini New Boy

Best and Top 10 Movies of Vikram – Handpicked List

There are very few actors who can deliver a masterpiece with each movie’s release; Vikram for me tops the list. Not only is every film of his very different from each other but also are his roles and his looks. Wearing makeup and looking different probably is what most actors do but Vikram changes his own body to suit the characters he plays. Am sure the following few films are everybody’s favourites.

Note:- We have compiled a list of Best and Top 10 Movies of Vijay – have a look at the list!

Top 10 Movies of Vikram

In this list, we feature the Top 10 and Best movies of Vikram till date! Ofcourse he is going to add great movies to his portfolio in coming years, but these are his best till 2015. Who all agree ?


1. Pithamagan

Vikram did this movie with another brilliant actor, Surya. He plays the role of a graveyard caretaker who is also an orphan. Vikram does not speak a single word through the entire movie and yet he conveys all the emotions so effortlessly, no wonder the film won him the National Film Award for Best Actor in 2003.

IMDB Rating – 8.3


2. Sethu

This is a tragic love story in which Vikram plays the lead role and the character incurs a brain injury and the leading lady dies. This film proved to be a breakthrough in Vikram’s career and the film won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Tamil (1999).

IMDB Rating – 8.1


Deiva Thirumagal Movie Stills

3. DaivaThirumagal

This movie is a unique piece in Vikram’s career. The movie portrays love and emotional attachment between a mentally challenged Father (played by Vikram) and his motherless daughter (played by cute little Sara). Vikram was living on the screens as Krishna. The highlight of this movie is performance by Sara (as the cute little one), which is truly a masterpiece and stands above Vikram’s portrayal. Director A.L Vijay was truly successful in handling the child brilliantly. Anushka and Amala Paul played their part well.

IMDB Rating – 8.1

Best Movies of Vikram

4. Anniyan

Aniiyan as we all know, is a thriller that sent shivers down the spine of all its viewers. Vikram plays a lawyer in this film and he suffers from multiple personality disorder. He cannot tolerate injustice and makes efforts to clean the social system. The film was released in the year 2005 and won eight Filmfare Awards. Anniyan infact is the best work of Director Shankar so far. No other films of Shankar goes above his work of Anniyan.

IMDB Rating – 8.1

Vikram Best Movies

5. Kasi

Vikram won the Filmfare Best Actor Award for his brilliant performance in this film, which released in the year 2001. Vikram plays the role of a blind singer and poet. Vikram had apparently rolled up his eyes to look blind and his efforts did pay off, as he looked absolutely convincing as a blind poet.

IMDB Rating – 8.1

Best Vikram Movies List

6. I

The movie released just about a month back, in January 2015. Vikram as always managed to stun his audiences with his fantastic performance and 3 very different looks. One cannot help being amazed on how much an individual can push his body to suit the roles he plays. He plays the role of a body builder, a super model and of a man who is deformed and becomes a hunchback.

 IMDB Rating – 8.2

Top Vikram Movies

7. Saamy

The movie was released in the year 2003 and here Vikram plays the role of a DCP. In his efforts to keep the city under control he has clashes with an underworld don who is also an influential person in politics. Trishna plays an innocent and young Brahmin girl who falls in love with Vikram and goes on to marry him.

 IMDB Rating – 7.3

Best Movies of Vikram

8. Raavanan

The movie by Maniratnam did not meet expectations of audience. But the man who won the show was Vikram, as Veeraiyya, the bandit who kidnaps police officers wife. This movie is one of those rare cases in which an actor’s outstanding performance covers the flaws in screenplay and direction. If there was no power packed performance of Vikram (as Veeraiyya), the movie would have been an utter failure (with nothing to priase). This is evident in the Hindi version of the movie where Abhishek Bachan plays Vikram’s Veeraiyya (Abhishek delivered his worst ever performance in the movie and ruined the character when compared to Vikram)

IMDB Rating – 6.8

So that’s the Top and Best of Vikram! Lets wait to see his best in coming years!

Struggles and Hardships Taken by Vikram for Ai – The Movie

Vikram is undoubtedly the most dedicated and hardworking actor in Indian cinema. Do you have any idea of the pains he had gone through to get his looks to perfection in Shankar’s I – the movie ? From his normal weight to 45Kgs and then straight to 110 Kgms, Vikram has achieved a humanly impossible task! Read about his struggles for Ai!


Vikram’s Humanly Impossible physical transformation for the movie ‘I‘

Vikram’s upcoming film I directed by the most popular director Shankar is the most anticipated films of the year. Vikram is likely to appear in various get-ups in the film and he has put in strenuous efforts to justify his role in the movie by losing and gaining weight as and when required for the script. The script demands it for he is playing different get- ups in the movie.

Vikram is said to be playing a role of a body builder in ‘I’. Vikram tends to transform from a lean look to a fully toned look in a particular scene and that seems to be the highlight of the movie. For this role he had to really work hard both ways, losing weight and at the same time gaining weight for the highlight scene of the movie. Body builders in Chennai and other parts of India were recently invited and Shankar has shot a particular competition scene for the film along with them.

Looks of Vikram in Ai

Vikram’s Body building – The story of his weight loss and weight gain in ‘I’

For the shooting of one of the songs, Vikram managed himself to gain a lot of weight to reach 110 kg so as to enable him to wear bulky outfits for the song. In the initial half of the movie, Vikram plays his role with a physique of 50kg weight and appears in a bulky role with 110 kg in the second half. Director Shankar has produced an exclusive promotional video on the weight loss and weight gain aspect of Vikram. Vikram’s special make-up needed about 12 hours in order to be good enough for filming and he had to stay inside a specially made refrigerator for several minutes to hours over the shoot to condition the make-up. Besides, Vikram went bald for the movie so as to suit some requirements of the script.

Vikram had an awesome transformation with dedicated workout schedules and diet management. The actor started the campaign for the film way back in 2012 as soon as the director narrated the story of the movie to him.

Ai Tamil Movie Pictures Photos Images and Wallpapers

1 Doctor – 1 Physiotherapist and 2 Dietitians – The 4 Member Team 24×7 for Vikram

Vikram had a four member team of competent and experienced professionals to supervise him in the weight loss and weight gain. Mr. Bharath, one of the team members, has been in charge of the actor’s diet management and workout schedules. The other two members, Joseph and Vidya Sagar (Physiotherapist), supervised the execution of the tight workout schedules. Vikram followed an exclusively fiber based diet containing imported fruits from various countries.

Best European protein supplements were included in the diet for effective gain in body weight. The diet choices and the dietary scheme were organized systematically in synchronization with the exercise schedules to obtain maximum benefits. The body heat developed due to hectic workouts and diet had to be controlled with periodic head massage with oil.

Shankar’s ‘I‘ is nearing the finishing stage and fans are eagerly waiting to have the glimpses of their favourite actor sporting the looks of a young man and a middle aged person. The actor’s transformation in physique for this movie is an amazing feat worth appreciation in no uncertain words.

4 Malayalam Actresses with a Failed First Marriage

This article is about the story of famous actresses first wedding & their failures. The reasons for marriage failure varies for different people. However its interesting to know this!

1. Mamtha Mohandas

Married Prajth Padmanaban in 2011 and divorced in 2013 (After 1 year and 5 months). 

Mamtha Mohandas Marriage

2. Kavya Madahavan

Married Nishal Chandra in 2009 and divorced him after a couple of months in 2010. 

Kavya Madhavan Wedding

3. Urvashi

Married Malayalam actor Manoj K Jayan in 2000 and divorced him in 2008 


4. Jyothirmayee

Married Nishant Kumar in 2004 and divorced him in 2011. 


Upcoming Movies of Sharukh Khan in 2013 & 2014

There is no Indian Bollywood film-lover, who does not know Shahrukh Khan’s name. The actor is quite well-known as the SRK, ‘King Khan’, ‘Badshah of Bollywood’, ‘King of Romance’, ‘The King of Bollywood’ etc. He was born in Delhi on 2nd November in 1965. SRK has acted in 75 Hindi movies, which are action thrillers, romantic drama, comedy films etc. In his long film career so far, SRK has achieved numerous awards and pleased his fans with his acting skill. Let us see, what are the movies of Shahrukh Khan, going to release in near future.


Chennai Express

According to the record and news so far, Shahrukh Khan will be acting in the movie, ‘Chennai Express’, directed by Rohit Shetty. This comes under the action – comedy genre and it is going to be released in 2013. The producer of this film is, Gauri Khan, the beautiful wife of Shahrukh. The co-actor and co-actresses are Deepika Padukone as Priya, the senior actor Sathyraj as Priya’s father, Manorama as Priya’s aunt and last but not the least, Shahrukh will by playing with his long-time popular on-screen name ‘Rahul’ in the movie. The music directors in the movie are Shekhar Ravjiani and Vishal Dadlani and lyricist is Amitabh Bhattacharya. Priyamani might appear in this film as well. There was rumor saying the South Indian actress Nayantara turned down Shahrukh Khan’s offer for Chennai Express, whilst most of the South Indian actresses die to debut in Bollywood films and especially if it is with SRK, it is a dream come true offer. A news source revealed that there will be that final DDLJ scene in the movie, Chennai Express having SRK & Deepika Padukone on screen.

So far it has been revealed that the story of Chennai Express is about a man’s voyage from the city, Mumbai to Rameshwaram and what all happens to him during this journey. The movie is a hard-core commercial one with romantic angle.

Happy New Year

Another upcoming movie of Shahrukh is, ‘Happy New Year’, which is scheduled to be released on May of 2014, although there is news that the movie might get released in the current year also. The director of this film is, Farah Khan, who is one of the good friends of SRK. Shahrukh will be producing this movie himself and he will be acting in this film along with Abhishek Bachchan and Boman Irani. The film falls under the comedy-romance category. Anu Malik is the music director in Happy New Year and it has been told that one of the singers of the film is, SRK himself. The movie is coming in next year and the story is not yet revealed to the media by the production team or director/actors. There is news that Shahrukh will be having a new look in this film.

A for Apple, B for Billi, C for Cutta

Another SRK film is going to get released on 2014, named ‘A For Apple, B For Billi, C For Cutta’. Some more probable information about this film are; Anil Senior will direct this film, who is a childhood friend of SRK from Delhi. The last directed film of Anil was, Dil Kabaddi (2008), starring Irrfan Khan, Soha Ali Khan and Rahul Bose. The movie might come on floor once the film, ‘Happy New Year’ is done. Only SRK agreed to act in this movie, no other actor/actresses are yet finalized for this movie.

Not much of movies are announced so far, to be released within two years. But the Shahrukh fans are not at all disappointed. They love to see their hero on screen and so they are hopeful that SRK will announce about more upcoming Bollywood films in recent future.

Avengers the biggie

D M.Marvel’s Avengers has exceeded all the expectations in indian market and has become the 4th highest blockbuster among Hollywood releases in India. It has collected Rs.47 crores Net at the Indian Box Office and is still running thrashing many bollywood releases.Its been marketed and distributed by UTV Motion Pictures in India.It was released in India on 27th April 2012, one week before its US release.Its released around 800 screens in 3D and 2D and 4
languages – English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.Avengers has made 1.302
billion dollars globally till now and currently is in 4th position behind harry potter 7 part 2 . It would surpass harrypotter by the end of this week and move to 3rd position behind titanic and avatar based on worldwide collections.