Roma in Malayalam Movie Grandmaster Photos

Roma is a south Indian actress who is mainly acting in Malayalam Films. She has acted in more than fifteen Malayalam films. She started her carrier by acting in a Telugu film . She then got a chance to act in Malayalm Film, Notebook ,Directed by Rosshan Andrrews . The movie was a huge success . She is now busy with acting in Grandmaster starring Mohanlal , Narain , Jagathy Sreekumar , Anoop Menon , Priyamani entc . The director of the movie is B Unnikrishnan . The movie is produced by UTV Motion pictures . Grandmaster is the first film to be produced by UTV in Malayalam . Roma is playing the role of  bar dancer in the film .

Casanovva Mohanlal latest photos

Casanovva is the upcoming movie of mohanlal,Casanovva is said to be one of the most expensive movies in the recent time of Malayalam movies.
The heroines are

Casanovva is directed by the promising  guaranteed director Roshan Andrews and script is written by Sanjay Bobby (writers of  Notebook).Casanovva is shot in different countries like England ,Denmark and all.Casanovva tells the sorry of an international Flower seller(Mohanlal) who was lots of female admirers or lover in each country.From the official sources its heard that the script of Casanovva is written brilliant and in a thrilling  ways to entertain the audience ,that mohanlal has taken lots of care to Casanovva.Mohanlal himself take the forward step once Casanovva was blocked,Also Mohanlal has shed lots of pounds that he look young and handsome.

Kandahar-Amitabh Bacchan-Mohanlal Wallpapers

Kandahar is the new movie directed by Major Ravi who was the director of Successfull movies like Keerthichakra,Mission 90 Days and Kurukshethra.Kandhar deals the stiry of a true Plane Hijack and the further incidents.Amitabh Bacchan does the role of a father of a hijack victim.Mohanlal does the lead role in the movie who comes as the rescue officer.The movie is expected to be dubbed and released in Tamil and hindi also as the presence of Big B will give an attention in bollywood also.Kandahar also stars
Kaveri Jha,Ananya etc .Old actress Sumalatha also does a big comeback through this 22 crore big budget malayalam movie.Music is done by non Malayali Shameer Tondon and Editing is done by Donmax.

Amitabh Bachan said some months above that he is interested to work with Mohanlal in a malayalam movie and Mohanlal welcomed Bacchan to malayalam movies through Kandahar and Bacchan accepted the request.Amitabh Bacchan have praised Mohanlal many time through twitter saying that Mohanlal is one of the best actors the country have ever brought.It was the same Amitabh bacchan who motivated Mohanlal to twitter.Mammotty and Mohanlal are the two malayalam actors whom are Mr.Bacchan is following.Anyways kandahar us expected to release in December 10 and hope it gets a national attention and good box office collection.Here are some wallpapers of Kandahar.Lots of pictures and kandahar photos were uploaded here before.

Shikkar latest photos

Shikkar is all set to release ,and will  releasing in Sep 10 all kerala.According to the Mohanlal fans in kerala they are planning to give something Big to Shikkar as this is a movie which is much expected by all the Mohanlal fans.Shikkar is directed by M.Padmakumar who was the director of Vargam and Vasthavam.Script is by Suresh Babu who was the writer of  Thandvam,he takes a long break and is back with Shikkar.Shikkar tells the story of a lorry driver,balaraman.

Mohanlal tweeted last week that he saw the climax of Shikkar and it was Amazing,Shikkar was shot at Kodai which gave nostalgic moments to Mohanlal as his first movie Manjil Virinja pookkal was shot there.Three female leads, Sneha,Ananya and Lakshmi Gopalaswamy are in Shikkar.It is damn clear that Mohanlal has past character in which Sneha was his pair.Stills resemle Bhramaram very much.Shikkar Songs are done by M.Jayachandran and Songs of Shikkar very much hummable,no doubt they will be in hit chart.Apart from mohanlal ,youth actor Kailesh also does a good role in Shikkar.

Sneha and Mohanlal in Shikkar

Shikkar wallpapers

Mohanlal Joins with Priyan For Bollywood Movie

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The complete actor Mohanlal joins with his friend Priyadarshan for his upcoming multistarrer hindi movie Bullet Train.In the movie other actors are from Bolywood itself.The movie will shoots in United Kingdom.After Company and RGV’s Aag ones again Superstar Mohanlal works in a Hindi movie.Another stars in the movie are Anil Kapoor, Ajay Devagan, Kangana Ranaut, Sameera Reddy and Kunal Kapoor. In Bullet Train Mohanlal’s role will be a cameo of course but very crucial in the narration of the thriller says Priyadarshan.

Mohanlal and Priyadarsan join backs in Hindi


It was been so long waiting for Mohanlal and priyadarsan to get paired in Hindi.They are like Martin Scorsese and De Niro in Hollywood.Priyadarsan who has done more than 85% of his movies in malayalam with mohanlal,shares a great personal relation with him.According to Priyadarsan whom for which Amitabh Bacchan and Subash Ghai waits saysMohanlal is the best actor of country.Both of them have helped each other,and created trends in malayalam with their movies later at present are being remade to hindi  as so called Khatta Meettha,Ga tram Masala,Kyun Ki,etc etc the list goes on.

Anyways in this hindi movie of Priyadarsan after the one with Subash ghai,Anil Kapoor,Ajay Devgan, etc will be acting and Mohanlal will be having a lead role in movie.Priyadarsan’s last movie with Mohanlal in malayalam was 7  years before and was titles Kilichundan mmbazham in which Late Soundarya was heroine.Another news is that Mohanlal is going to be active in Hindi Movies,he has also agreed with Vishal Bharadwaj whom is a great mohanlal fan to co operate with his next movie Starring the BIG hrithik Roshan!!!