Best and Top 10 Movies of Vikram – Handpicked List

There are very few actors who can deliver a masterpiece with each movie’s release; Vikram for me tops the list. Not only is every film of his very different from each other but also are his roles and his looks. Wearing makeup and looking different probably is what most actors do but Vikram changes his own body to suit the characters he plays. Am sure the following few films are everybody’s favourites.

Note:- We have compiled a list of Best and Top 10 Movies of Vijay – have a look at the list!

Top 10 Movies of Vikram

In this list, we feature the Top 10 and Best movies of Vikram till date! Ofcourse he is going to add great movies to his portfolio in coming years, but these are his best till 2015. Who all agree ?


1. Pithamagan

Vikram did this movie with another brilliant actor, Surya. He plays the role of a graveyard caretaker who is also an orphan. Vikram does not speak a single word through the entire movie and yet he conveys all the emotions so effortlessly, no wonder the film won him the National Film Award for Best Actor in 2003.

IMDB Rating – 8.3


2. Sethu

This is a tragic love story in which Vikram plays the lead role and the character incurs a brain injury and the leading lady dies. This film proved to be a breakthrough in Vikram’s career and the film won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Tamil (1999).

IMDB Rating – 8.1


Deiva Thirumagal Movie Stills

3. DaivaThirumagal

This movie is a unique piece in Vikram’s career. The movie portrays love and emotional attachment between a mentally challenged Father (played by Vikram) and his motherless daughter (played by cute little Sara). Vikram was living on the screens as Krishna. The highlight of this movie is performance by Sara (as the cute little one), which is truly a masterpiece and stands above Vikram’s portrayal. Director A.L Vijay was truly successful in handling the child brilliantly. Anushka and Amala Paul played their part well.

IMDB Rating – 8.1

Best Movies of Vikram

4. Anniyan

Aniiyan as we all know, is a thriller that sent shivers down the spine of all its viewers. Vikram plays a lawyer in this film and he suffers from multiple personality disorder. He cannot tolerate injustice and makes efforts to clean the social system. The film was released in the year 2005 and won eight Filmfare Awards. Anniyan infact is the best work of Director Shankar so far. No other films of Shankar goes above his work of Anniyan.

IMDB Rating – 8.1

Vikram Best Movies

5. Kasi

Vikram won the Filmfare Best Actor Award for his brilliant performance in this film, which released in the year 2001. Vikram plays the role of a blind singer and poet. Vikram had apparently rolled up his eyes to look blind and his efforts did pay off, as he looked absolutely convincing as a blind poet.

IMDB Rating – 8.1

Best Vikram Movies List

6. I

The movie released just about a month back, in January 2015. Vikram as always managed to stun his audiences with his fantastic performance and 3 very different looks. One cannot help being amazed on how much an individual can push his body to suit the roles he plays. He plays the role of a body builder, a super model and of a man who is deformed and becomes a hunchback.

 IMDB Rating – 8.2

Top Vikram Movies

7. Saamy

The movie was released in the year 2003 and here Vikram plays the role of a DCP. In his efforts to keep the city under control he has clashes with an underworld don who is also an influential person in politics. Trishna plays an innocent and young Brahmin girl who falls in love with Vikram and goes on to marry him.

 IMDB Rating – 7.3

Best Movies of Vikram

8. Raavanan

The movie by Maniratnam did not meet expectations of audience. But the man who won the show was Vikram, as Veeraiyya, the bandit who kidnaps police officers wife. This movie is one of those rare cases in which an actor’s outstanding performance covers the flaws in screenplay and direction. If there was no power packed performance of Vikram (as Veeraiyya), the movie would have been an utter failure (with nothing to priase). This is evident in the Hindi version of the movie where Abhishek Bachan plays Vikram’s Veeraiyya (Abhishek delivered his worst ever performance in the movie and ruined the character when compared to Vikram)

IMDB Rating – 6.8

So that’s the Top and Best of Vikram! Lets wait to see his best in coming years!

Top 10 Facts You Don’t Know About- Ai -The Shankar Movie

This article is an Infographics created by TamilQueens for Ai fans! In this infographics, we show you mind blowing facts about Shankar’s Ai – the costliest movie ever made in India. Facts about Ai is as interesting as the movies trailer! Read them 🙂

Ai Infographics

Facts You Don’t Know About Ai

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1. Ai – is the most expensive and big budget Indian Movie ever made @ 185 Crore as its Cost!

2. Shooting started on 15th July 2012 and the total time took for Ai so far is 2 Years and 8 Months – i.e 974 Days!

3. Special Effects and Background Arts are handled by Weta Workshop – the same Company which did Special Effects for giant movies like Avatar, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and King Kong

 Vikram and I

  • Shankar had none other than Vikram in mind to play the hero role of I – named Lingsan
  • Vikram appears in 4 different getups – as a stylish young macho, a beast and a disfigured creature
  • Vikram has reduced his weight upto 45Kg for the first half of the movie!
  • Vikram was kept in an isolated fridge and was fed through a tube during the shoot. A doctor was appointed 24/7 to monitor Vikram’s health.
  • Vikram gained 110Kg for the second half of the movie!
  • It took 12 hours of continous makeup on Vikram to get the beast appearance to perfection!


  • Initially Asin, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra were under consideration for heroine role!
  • Finally Samantha Ruth Prabhu got lucky with the selection! But she backed out of the project failing to commit long dates for the project!
  • Later Amy Jackson was brought in and she pledged almost 2 Years for the project. She was paid around 1 Crore for her dates.
  • Peter Heins – the celebrated stunt director backed out of the project owing to large number of dates! He was commmited with Baahubali (by SS Rajamouli)
  • Later Shankar brought in Yuen Woo-ping as Stunt Director – who directed action scenes for movies like The Matrix, Kill Bill, Kungfu Hustle etc.

Other facts about I

– Ai is supposed to release on 3000 Screens world wide!

– Ai will be released in 5 languages – Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, English and Chinese

– Satelite rights for Ai in Telugu was sold for 30 Crore Rupees!

– Media rights of Ai was bagged by Jaya TV for 20 Crore Rupees!

– First Teaser of I crossed 1 Million views in just 12 Hours – The first Indian Movie Teaser to hit 1 Million views in 12 hours!

Struggles and Hardships Taken by Vikram for Ai – The Movie

Vikram is undoubtedly the most dedicated and hardworking actor in Indian cinema. Do you have any idea of the pains he had gone through to get his looks to perfection in Shankar’s I – the movie ? From his normal weight to 45Kgs and then straight to 110 Kgms, Vikram has achieved a humanly impossible task! Read about his struggles for Ai!


Vikram’s Humanly Impossible physical transformation for the movie ‘I‘

Vikram’s upcoming film I directed by the most popular director Shankar is the most anticipated films of the year. Vikram is likely to appear in various get-ups in the film and he has put in strenuous efforts to justify his role in the movie by losing and gaining weight as and when required for the script. The script demands it for he is playing different get- ups in the movie.

Vikram is said to be playing a role of a body builder in ‘I’. Vikram tends to transform from a lean look to a fully toned look in a particular scene and that seems to be the highlight of the movie. For this role he had to really work hard both ways, losing weight and at the same time gaining weight for the highlight scene of the movie. Body builders in Chennai and other parts of India were recently invited and Shankar has shot a particular competition scene for the film along with them.

Looks of Vikram in Ai

Vikram’s Body building – The story of his weight loss and weight gain in ‘I’

For the shooting of one of the songs, Vikram managed himself to gain a lot of weight to reach 110 kg so as to enable him to wear bulky outfits for the song. In the initial half of the movie, Vikram plays his role with a physique of 50kg weight and appears in a bulky role with 110 kg in the second half. Director Shankar has produced an exclusive promotional video on the weight loss and weight gain aspect of Vikram. Vikram’s special make-up needed about 12 hours in order to be good enough for filming and he had to stay inside a specially made refrigerator for several minutes to hours over the shoot to condition the make-up. Besides, Vikram went bald for the movie so as to suit some requirements of the script.

Vikram had an awesome transformation with dedicated workout schedules and diet management. The actor started the campaign for the film way back in 2012 as soon as the director narrated the story of the movie to him.

Ai Tamil Movie Pictures Photos Images and Wallpapers

1 Doctor – 1 Physiotherapist and 2 Dietitians – The 4 Member Team 24×7 for Vikram

Vikram had a four member team of competent and experienced professionals to supervise him in the weight loss and weight gain. Mr. Bharath, one of the team members, has been in charge of the actor’s diet management and workout schedules. The other two members, Joseph and Vidya Sagar (Physiotherapist), supervised the execution of the tight workout schedules. Vikram followed an exclusively fiber based diet containing imported fruits from various countries.

Best European protein supplements were included in the diet for effective gain in body weight. The diet choices and the dietary scheme were organized systematically in synchronization with the exercise schedules to obtain maximum benefits. The body heat developed due to hectic workouts and diet had to be controlled with periodic head massage with oil.

Shankar’s ‘I‘ is nearing the finishing stage and fans are eagerly waiting to have the glimpses of their favourite actor sporting the looks of a young man and a middle aged person. The actor’s transformation in physique for this movie is an amazing feat worth appreciation in no uncertain words.

Ai – Tamil Movie Posters – Images and Wallpapers

In this gallery, we feature exclusive photos – official posters, images and wallpapers of upcoming Tamil movie – Ai – starring Vikram in lead role.

AI – Official Teaser Launched

The much waited movies teaser is out! Its a stunner! Expect the waves of miracle created by Anniyan. 


Movie – I
Director – Shankar
Producer – V. Ravichandran
Starring – Vikram, Amy Jackson
Music – A. R. Rahman
Cinematography – P. C. Sreeram
Editor – Anthony
Banner – Aascar Film (P) Ltd.
Music Label – Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.

Poll-Who is the best actor present in Tamil?

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Who is the best actor currently in tamil movies?

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Its been discussed this topic many times,but still the question remains who is the best actor in tamil movies.Lets check out the best performances of these stars.This poll is only considering among the superstar actors at present in tamil movies.

1. Rajinikanth

Age :64





Best performances


thalapathi photos









Thalapathi was released in 1991,directed by Maniratnam.Rajnikanth did the character of  Surya,and apart from the style Thalapathi give Rajnikanth a new image.His acting was that brilliant in Thalapathi.


Padayappa is said to be one of the biggest hits of Rajnikanth,it was released in 1999.The movie portrays two phases(Younger and Older) phases of a man and it was very much safe in the hands of Rajnikanth.Padayappa is also one of the biggest hits ever born in the tamil movie history.Rajni won the best actor  state award  that year


Baasha was a Rajnikanth movie which is well known all over India.And it showed the star value of Rajnikanth.It was released in 1995 with a budget of 10 crore(which was damn heavy during that time).Rajni won the Filmfans Association Award and a Cinema Express Award for best actor in Baasha

Latest Movie : Enthiran

Upcoming Movie: Rana

2. Kamalhaasan







Age: 60

Best performances















Nayagan was released in 1987,directed by Maniratnam and is said to be one of the best performance ever delivered by Kamalhaasan(won National award for the best actor that year.)Its also said as the best performance delivered by any actor in a maniratnam movie apart from Mohanlal in Iruvar.


Indian was released in 1996 and was a feeling at that time.Kamalhassan won the national award for his performance in Indian that year.Directed by Shankar .

Moondram Pirai

Its said as one of the best movies of Kamal,Moondram pirai was released in 1982.Won national award for the best actor that year.Moondram Pirai was directed by Balu Mahendra and Sridevi was the heroine.

Latest Movie : Vishwaroopam 1
Upcoming Movie: Vishwaroopam 2

3. Surya

surya photos






Age: 39

Best performances

Vaaranam Aayiram
vaarnam aayiram romantic scene

Vaaranam aayiram is refered as the magnum opus of Surya.It showed different looks of Surya (from teenager boy to old age man).Surya was able to deliver the exact mannerisms for each characters.Directed by Gautham menon.Surya won filmfare award for the best actor that year.


Nandha was released in 2001 directed by Bala.Surya did the role of a guy who is living with the repentance in  killing his own father.The was an average grosser but Surya’s acting career took a turning point in Nandha,his performance  as Nandha received lots of appreciations.

Kaakha Kaakha

Surya was terrific as Anbuchelvan IPS in Kaakha Kaakha.The movie was directed by Gautham Menon ,this movie was a great break for bith of them.In short ,it can also be said that Kaakha Kaakha was the movie which aroused Suriya to superstardom.Surya also won the best actor award of International tamil film awards.

Latest Movie : Singam 2

Upcoming Movie: Dhruva Natchathiram 

4. Vijay






Age: 40

Best performances

Kadhalukku Mariyadhai

Kadhalukku Mariyadhai









Kadhalukku Mariyadhai was the movie which gave Vijay his own position in kollywood.It was the remake of the superhit movie aniyathipravu directed by Fazil in which Kunchako Boban and Shalini was in lead roles.Kadhalukku Mariyadhai was also the biggest hit of that year.


Ghilli was directed by Dharani, in which Vijay played the role of a kabbadi player.Trisha was the heroine in Ghilli.Ghilli was the biggest blockbusters in TamilNadu that year.Vijay also won some awards for the best actor that year.


Pokkiri was the directorial debut of Prabhudeva in tamil movies.Vijay did the role of a Police officer ,the action sequence ,dance,comedy,and romantic and emotional side of Vijay was delivered well in Pokkiri that it resulted out as a Mega hit.Vijay also won Mathrubhumi awards for the best tamil actor that year.

Latest Movie :  Thalaiva

Upcoming Movie: Jilla

5. Vikram







Age: 48

Best performances


pithamagan vikram













Pithamagan was released in 2003 ,directed by Bala.Vikram’s magnum opus performance was delivered in Pithamagan.Vikram also won the best actor national award , Tamil nadu state award, and filmfare south  award that year.Vikram was simply living as Chithan in the movie.


Kaasi was the remake of the malayalam movie Vasanthiyum Lakshmiyum Pinne Njanum and  Vikram did the role of Kaasi( a blind singer) in the movie .Vikram handled the role of kaasi in its perfection and emotional


What all bad opinion comes upto Raavanan,Vikram was awesome in the movie.And his performance was well acclaimed in Raavanan.His looks and physicality was truly convincing as the character.Vikram also won the filmfare award and Vijay awards for the best actor.

Latest Movie :  David

Upcoming Movie: I (Shankar)

6. Ajith






Age: 43

Best performances



Vaali was the crime thriller written and directed by S J Suriya in 1999.Ajith appeared in dual role,Ajith also have said that the movie vaali is very much close to heart for him and he have delivered everything from his heart.Anyways vaali was one of the biggest commercial success that year.


Villain was released in 2002, directed by K S Ravikumar.Thala did a dual role in the movie ,villain became a grand success that year because of Ajith’s rocking performance.Meena and Kiran was the heroines in the  movie.Ajith also won the filmfare award for the best second actor that year.


Varalaru was the film written and directed by KS Ravikumar in 2006. Ajith did 3 roles, one as a father and as two sons. Songs of Varalaru was done by A R Rahman .Ajith delivered a mind blowing performance in varalaru.He also won the filmfare award for the best actor award that year.

Latest Movie :  Arambam

Upcoming Movie: Veeram

Do cast your votes and comments and lets find out who is the best actor in the kollywood industry. Poll closes soon, so cast your votes ASAP. Did we miss some master performances of these master actors? Please comment