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In this gallery we feature a sizzling collection of 15 Meghana Raj  photos chosen in random from  various movie sets, party locations, events & such functions. This is our 4th gallery on Meghana Raj and we will publish more albums later.

Meghana Raj a very well known name in Malayalam cinema is an actress who has appeared in lot of Malayalam movies. She made her debut in acting with a Kannada film that released in the year 2009.  Initially she was a theatre artist and it was later in the year 2006 she was given a chance in cinema by popular director K Balachandar. She is a star in south because she has made her own name in Tollywood. As we can see her acting in both Tamil and Malayalam films she is a favorite of many South Indians. After appearing in these two languages she is all set to make her career strongly in Kannada movies. So currently she is searching for some attention-grabbing Kannada picture scripts and is planning to act in one shortly. The historian won a memento i.e. the Kochi Times Film Awards for the promising Newcomer for her acting in the movie “Beautiful”. After her debut film she acted in a series of films which all very great hits.

However there is news that the actress has been signed for another Kannada movie which would be her second Kannada flick. The movie is however a remake of a super hit Tamil movie Sundarapandian. Though the actress has loads of Malayalam scripts in hand right now, of all that she gave preference to this Kannada film. She will be acting in this movie alongside Yash. Her debut film was a Kannada movie and after that this would be her second Kannada movie.  When asked her why she took so long to act in another Kannada film she said she did not want to act in any random movies just for the sake of being on screen. She was looking for some good scripts and after long she found one.

After ruling the Malayalam and Tamil industry now she is all set to shake her legs in Kannada film. No doubt she would rock here too. As mentioned before she has lots of films in Malyallam and after doing this Kannada movie she would probably switch back to doing some Malayalam films. She always had a special place for Kannada films though she is from Kerala she never did her debut film in Mollywood. Inspite of lots of offers coming her way she chose to do this film i.e. a remake of the Tamil hit.

Meghana Raj is popular for her acting skills and she has shaped her career well and it is because of her own self confidence and the boost she received from her family and fans. If you are a great fan of this south star and want to watch her soon on the silver screen. Be ready as she is going to bang the silver screen with her new Kannada movie. We hope it becomes a successful blockbuster as the Tamil one did.  So now you all fans have a reason to rejoice because you are going to watch her very soon.

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Handpicked collection of 12 Meghana Raj Stills and Wallpapers

In this gallery, we feature a set of 12 handpicked stills & wallpapers of Meghana Raj sourced from various movie locations & sets. We have some images collected from parties & events as well.

Meghana Raj is a well known name in the south cinema and this actress within a short span of time reached great success and earned a name in Tamil and Kannada films. However the life of celebrities has always been incomplete without these gossips. Be it an actor or a rich businessman, people never miss gossiping about their lifestyle, affairs, money and many more issues. However coming back to actress Meghana Raj the latest news about this south star is that’s he has walked out of Suraj’s film which has Anushka and Karthi in the lead. According to her when asked her on this decision she said that she was unaware that there were in all four heroines in the film including her. Before signing the projects she was said that there would just be one more actress but then the script underwent several changes and things got messed up. This was the reason for the actress to walk out of the film. This ultimately became a big affair in the media.

The actress was also linked opposite Anoop Menon off screen but the actress is not worried about it because it has increased their on screen pair and made it a hit. Also we know that the lives of celebrities are full of gossips. Also the media many a times hypes the situation and portrays it in a different way on television. Anoop currently has four projects along with Meghana and he is glad to act with her. As an actor he says she is a star and loves her acting.

If you are a person who loves gossips and want to know more about Meghana Raj’s life you can very easily find news about her on the internet. Gone are the days where Television and radio were the only source of information. Today we have the internet which is full of information and finding news about a celebrity is quite easy. To tell more about Meghana Raj she is an actress who majorly appears in Malayalam and Tamil movies and her films are worth watching. She has a huge fan following over the world and in very less time she gained popularity. Today she stands as a star solely because of her own efforts and her unique styles of acting.

Talking about gossips they are a part and parcel of a celebrity’s life and she does not bother it much. Today the actress is so popular because of the boost everyone gave her and also because of her father who always supported her in her decisions. I f you want to catch on to more gossips about the actress and know more about her life you can take the help of the search engines and find for yourself the many details about her.

Lastly if you are a fan of Meghana Raj and want to see her soon on  the silver screen be patience as you are very soon going to watch her alongside Anoop Menon in many interesting and never seen before movies.

9 Amazingly beautiful Pics of Meghana Raj

In this gallery, we feature a set of 9 amazingly beautiful pics of Meghana Raj – an uprising actress in South Indian Cinemas.Meghana Raj a very popular name in the Malayalam cinema is an actress who basically appears in Malayalam movies. Although she appears majorly in Malayalam movies, she made her acting debut in a Kannada film named “ Bendu Apparao R.M.P”.  The film released in the year 2009 and since then she has acted in lots of films. Mehghana Raj is popular for her diverse acting skills and the many roles she has played so far in her many movies. She was born in Bangalore, Karnataka, as the only daughter of Sundar Raj and Pramila Joshai. She is fluent in Kannada and Tamil because of her mixed background. Along with being a popular actress currently she is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Christ University, Bangalore.

She initially debuted as a theatre artist alongside her father in the eyar2006 however she was invited by director K Balachandar. It was he who evoked in her the spirit of acting and brought her in the silver screen. After acting in few films she had a series of flops in the year 2011. Her Malayalam movie “Beautiful” gave her a wide applause as her role in the film as a nurse was superb.  This movie which released in the year 2011 was considered as one of the best Malayalam movies of the year.

She has been seen in both Tamil and Malayalam movies, so on the whole we can say she is a star in south. Now after making a name in both Tamil and Malayalam cinema she is all set to act in Kannada movies. In south, movies in these three languages have always been a hit. Also people give much importance to these three languages compared to others. So now she is looking for some interesting Kannada movie scripts and plan to act in one soon. The actress won an award i.e. the Kochi Times Film Awards for the promising Newcomer in the movie “Beautiful”

So now Kannada movie addicts who are fans of actress Meghana can see her in Kannada movies. Till date she has acted in more than 25 films and very soon she will be seen in many films in much more promising roles than before. The actress ahs acted alongside prominent stars and feels lucky to be a part of the Indian cinema. Thought the actress started her acting career in the year 2009 within a short span of time she grabbed the attention of all viewers and became a star. It is not easy to become a star and one cannot become a star in one day. It indeed requires lots of patience and efforts to attain success.

Today the actress is so popular solely because of the boost everyone gave her and also because of her father who always supported her in her decisions. So if you are waiting to see your favorite actor Meghana Raj on screen have patience and just watch as she is going to very soon hit the theater with another sparkling roe.

A gallery of 9 Meghana Raj Images and Stills Collection

A short bio of Meghana Raj & her entry into cinemas

 Meghana Raj is a very popular South Indian actress and she has performed numerous films in Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil movies. She is truly a great actress who has done different roles within a very short period following her entry into the film industry. She was born on 3rd May in the year 1990 in Bangalore of Karnataka. Pramila Joshai and Sundar Raj are the parents of this lovely actress. Her debut film in Telugu is Bendu Apparao R.M.P.

 Her father Sundar Raj has done almost 180 films. Besides, her mother Pramila Joshai is also a popular film producer and actress. Meghana speaks both in Tamil and Kannada very fluently. She is doing her Bachelor’s degree in Christ Unversity at present. She had also done a film with her father Sundar Raj when she was a child.The famous director K.Balachander had spotted her in the audio release function of film ‘Poi’. She was offered the female lead role in his Krishnaleelai. This movie had become a great success in Tamil film Industry and everybody loved her performance in this film.

 A short overview of Meghana’s films:

 However, due to some reasons the release date of this film has been postponed. In the mean time her film Bendu Apparao R.M.P was released. She played a school teacher’s role in this film and she shared the screen with Allari Naresh in this film. This movie collected huge amount in box office, which in turn earned her lots of fame in the South Indian film industry. She had given an entry into the Kannada film industry with the film Punda, which is a remake of the film Boopathy Pandian.

 She also did a horror film called Yakshiyum Njanum and this movie was directed by the famous director Vinayan. Another blockbuster movie in her career was Kaadhal Solla Vandhen. She had also done a Tamil film called Nandha Nanditha in the year 2012. She looks really great in all her films; however it is for her role which she gives main priority. Her superhit film in Malayalam includes Beautiful and it was released in the year 2011.

  At present Meghana is strictly following a diet to maintain a good physique. Namukku Parkkan was another popular Malayalam film which was released in the year 2012. She played a cop role in the film Banking Hours and this film had earned her great applause from the critics. The movie Poppins too was released in the same year and it achieved positive feedback from the people. She will definitely rock the Malayalam and Kannada film industries with her upcoming films.

 A collection of Meghana Raj images and stills

Meghana Raj represents the face of average Indian woman, especially south Indian. In this gallery, we feature a set of 9 Meghana raj images, which are sourced from various movies, events and photo shoots. You can enjoy a diverse collections of Meghana Raj’s photos in one place.