Mumaith Khan-The Cameo woman Photos

Why Mumaith Khan should be called as Cameo girl? As she has done almost all her movies for just item dances.Her dance in Pokkiri got attention and no longer far she grew up in kollywood.Mumaith Khan also did an item role in Swamy,Yogi,Magadheera ,kanthswamy etc etc.Mumaith khan did expose a lot in different movies especially in tamil and telugu movies.New mumaith khan movies are Gaali Seenu,Prathi Kshanam,Saarai Veerraju.Her song Meena Kumari from kanthaswamy was a big hit.Anyways Mumaith Khan has got busty figure and she has lots of future as item girl in tamil movies.Sister of Mumaith khan,Zabyn khan is also now being active in telugu movies.mumaith khan bikini photos are still hot charted

Mumaith Khan Photogallery

Mumaith Khan was born asa pakisthani,later shifetd t India as some families in pakisthan do some while of years before.Mumaith Khan is famous for her item dances in different languages like Hindi,Tamil,Telugu etc.SHe Was a dancer for 1500 RS per month salary before she came into teh film field,Now Mumaith khan earns more than 200 times that salary per month. What a change rite? HEr luck came a s an item dance in MunnaBHai MbBs with Sanjay Dutt,Mumaith khans hot figure was exposed whole over the song and all film giants understood that Sexy mumaith Khan will be n no time an item BOMB,her famous item dances are in VEtaiyadu Vilayadu,Munnabhai MBBS,TARGET,Pokiri (En chellaperu Apple), etc.Her figure resembles the igantic figurof Namitha, SO that if NAmitha is out tere is a substitute for her.


Mumaith Khan  also created lots of COntroversies  in diferent time period,Once she appeared in one MTV show saying that she wear 5 piercings,Visible ones are one on eyebrow,one on navel and one on tongue,All should doubt where are the other ones?Hot Mumaith Khan also said that she only love to kiss vijay only,She  also wish to share one night with Vijay despite of the fact tahts he has a boyfriend in Britain.Another one was that her body tatoo which extended from her hip to her private area!.

She says that Her childhood was of great poverty that she was  dance for just 1500 per month,she suffered a lot during childhood, no one was there to support her family.LATER mumaith khan turned out to be the hottest item dancer in South India.

coming to her fimography Mumaith Khan have done target and Punnami Nagu which was some good hits.

she is the actress who have never got a good role to perform,anothe similar actress in bollywood who face the same problem is malaika arora,Malaika arora came to the bollywood through Chaya Chaiya in dilse ,later she did hot item numbers in kaante and all and the desperate fact was that eventough She hadtalent and all Malaika Arora remained as the sexy item girl of bolywood ,she did KAAL with sharukh khan (he also was an item!) And recently did Hot rasle n Welcome along with Mallika SHERAWAT.By the time her sister Amrita Arora was getting sme good role,her controversia role was athe lebian characterbin the movie Girlfriend along with Isha Koppikar who later got googd roles in flms like Don with ShahRukh Khan and PRiyanka chopra,ANYWAYS similar is teh case of Mumaith khan.

Anyways these photos of Mumaith Khan indicate that she doesnt want to do a charcter role,she just want to remain as a sex bomb in Kollywood and tollywood,damn hot she is! Mumaith KHan Bikini photos,These are her most expected photos in a black bikini,in beach,It was a fact that Namitha slo did a bikini recently,also its a fact that bikini seems as vulgar for these type of gigantic figures like namitha an d Mumaith khan,More and more sexy mumaith khan photos will be upcoming,Hot Mumaith Khan goes on with her magical item number which all are hit (may be of her hot presence on the screen).

Mumaith Khan is going to act in the new film named Bioscope in whic she has a little to perform,waiting s are going one and its  a fact athat these mumaith khan photos are one of the most downloaded photos recently!