Nayanthara Old Pics and Images Collection

In this gallery, we feature actress Nayanthara old pics and images collection sourced from her old movies and photo shoots. Watch and share 6+ old pics and images of actress Nayanthara in this exclusive gallery. Nayanthara has grown from this stage to a super hot celebrity as we all see her now. Anyways she has had her ups and downs in her career. All the best to Nayans!

Nayanthara and Prabhudeva Dating Photos

Prabhu Deva was born on 3 April 1973.He is mainly known as a Dance choreographer.He also an actor and director too.He started her career as a dance master in the year 1989 with the debut movie ‘Vetri Vizha’.He worked in more than 100 films as a choreographer.Prabhu Dheva married Ramlath who changed her name to Latha.In 2010 his wife Latha filed a petition at the family court, seeking directions against Prabhu Dheva from live in relationship with the actress Nayantara and requesting a reunion with him.Then she go on hunger strike if Prabhu Dheva married Nayantara,several women’s organisations supported Latha for this.In 2012, Nayantara confirmed that she had ended her relationship with Prabhu Deva.In this gallery you can find out 6+ Dating Photos of Nayanthara and Prabhu Deva


Simbhu Photos and Pictures Collection


Simbu was born on 3 February in Chennai.His original name was Silambarasan Thesingu Rajendar,later he changed that.He is also a director and playback singer. Simbu started his career as a child artist in the year 1987 with the debut movie ‘Oru Thayin Sabhatham’.After that he acted in some movies as child artist.His first leading role movie is ‘Kadhal Azhivathillai’ it was released in the year 2002.After that he acted in so many movies.His most successful movies are ‘Vallavan,Silambattam,Vinnaithandi Varuvaya,Osthi and Poda Podi.Simbu is a good singer also.He sung in so many movies with various composers.In this gallery you can find out 6+ Photos and Pictures Collection of Simbu.

I hated myself in ghajini -says Nayantara

Kollywood superstar Nayanthara says now that she wouldn’t have done Ghajini,IF now the directors would not have courage  even to talk her about that role.She says that Murugadoss said that she had the major role and Asin was only in the flashback,The whole movie was a flashback and poor Nayans didn’t knew that.She also admits that her acting in Ghajini was that bad and looks were bad. Nayanthara didn’t like her face and chubby appearance in Ghajini. So she decided to get new looks.

She also  talked about the hot controversies with Simbhu.Photos of Nayantaras Lip kiss with Simbhu was all over the net and was that popular,She said that presently she has no relation with Simbhu and she have dropped the relation with him,but professional wise she is okay with him and said will do films with him in future.She said she got good support from Family and she said the affairs with Simbhu in family and they are okay with that(Seems like Nayanthara’s family are okay with what all she does).When asked what was the problem with Simbhu ,she said that Both of them thinks in two different lines and that  was the problem.Anyways Simbhu is after the new girl and Nayanthar is concentrating hardly after her career.She appeared very glamorous in Vijays Villu which was a hit.

Anyways Nayanthara have changed a lot,She was that natural beauty in her first film manasinakkare directed by Sathyan Anthikkad,but now turned to a modern girl.After manasinakkare,She was in taskaraveeran with mammotty in which she exposed little bit.In  Natturajavu with Mohanlal she got little plumpy and Chandramukhi with Rajini changed her life graph.Also exposures in Vallavan with Simbhu made her the glamour queen in Tamil.She also said that no one can defeat her  until she quit!Ver high confidence right? Even though not that popular as before,she has got very die hard fans,Latest Tamil queens polling shows that she is the most glamorous Tamil actress at present.

Nayanthara create problems in Kerala Temple


Nayanthara is always controverisal.Lots of hot news was spread around her.1st of all is the lip kiss scene with Simbhu in vallavan and one private lip kiss scene .Later she split up with Simbhu  and then after Sathyam Vishal substituted the position of Simbhu.She wore a bikini in Billa which also created much noise against her.Peoples of TN created temple for her while she acted in Chandramukhi.But now check what is the situation in kerala.

She got in Vishu into Killikaavu Temple in Manicheri wearing a Salwar Kameez.Authorities said that it was prohibited and She should not wear a Salwar Kameez.. (Should she come nude? LOL..).Anyways she got angry against the authorities and said she will enter the temple in Salwar Kameez and she called the bodyguards.HAHA but what did her bodyguards say”?Madam,Better not enter into the temple wearing Salwar Kameez” .Our own Nayans  failed and quit!Anyways this was a feast to drunkarads around their and they tried to abuse our own Nayanthara