Nyla Usha Photos and Stills Collection

Nyla Usha is a radio jockey celebrity who turned an actress recently. She debuted in Malayalam cinemas with recently released Mammooty flick “Kunjananthante Kada”. Though the movie was average, Nyla got much attention as the wife of “Kunjananthan” the protagonist of the movie. Nyla Usha is married to Rona Rajan and she has a height of 5 feet and 8 inches.  Nyla gave a natural performance in her debut movie which resulted in her instant popularity. Nyla Usha has signed for new movies as well and her next flick will be “Punyalan Agarbathies” in which she plays heroine of actor “Jayasurya”.  In this gallery we feature a set of 8 photos and stills of Nyla Usha. So be a fan of Nyla Usha and have a look at these 8 gorgeous Nyla Usha photos collection.

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