Bhavana Old Photos and Pictures – Gallery of 12 Old Photos

Bhavana, whose original name is Karthika Menon, is the daughter of the assistant cinematographer, G Balachandra Menon. She was born in Thrissur, Kerala on February 6, 1986. She has done a number of movies in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. She is well known for her natural acting talents and her bubbly nature.

In this gallery, we present a set of 12 old photos and pictures of Bhavana. As we all know, she has been in the industry for more than 10 years. We all know Bhavana from her young days (began acting in cinemas at age of 18) and here is a set of images to refresh her young days.

Bhavana Old Photos & Pictures

Bhavana’s first movie is the Malayalam movie “Nammal” in 2002. She made her debut in this movie at the age of 16 when she was just studying eleventh standard. In this film, she played the role of Parimalam. Her co-stars in the movie were Siddharth, Jishnu, and Renuka Menon. She received the Kerala State Film Special Jury Award and Asianet Award for the Best Supporting Actress for this movie. Nammal was a huge hit and her performance in the movie got her a number of offers in Malayalam cinema.

Her second movie is “Chronic Bachelor” released in 2003. It was a Malayalam film and she acted in a role of Sandhya. The movie is a romantic comedy and is based on the life of Sathyaprathapan, a bachelor. Acting skills of Bhavana were well displayed in the movie. It became a blockbuster hit and was well received by the audience.

Bhavana’s third film is another Malayalam movie “Thilakkam”. The movie released in 2003; she played the role of Gauri. Dileep and Kavya Madhavan shared the screen space with her in the movie. Bhavana makes a cameo appearance in this film. The movie did well at the box office and soon she became a successful actress in Kerala and slowly made her way to the Tamil, Kannada and Telugu film industries as well.

Bhavana is known for her simple beauty and excellent acting skills. She usually makes her presence felt in her movies, no matter how small her role is. Bhavana has a number of awards to her credit.

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Renuka Menon Old Photos and Pictures – A Gallery of 11 Pics

Renuka Menon is an actress of the olden days! Renuka acted in a couple of South Indian movies, especially in the Malayalam cinemas. In this article we are presenting a set of old photos & pictures of Renuka Menon. So have fun!

Renuka Menon Old Photos & Pictures

Renuka Menon is an Indian Malayali film actress. She was born in kerala on February 14, 1984. Her mother tongue is Tamil and her nick name is Renu. She appeared in various South Indian films in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada languages. Renuka Menon is one of the most charming actresses of the South Indian film industry.

Renuka first appeared in the Malayalam movie “Nammal” that released in the year 2002. The movie was directed by notable director Kamal and it released in 2002. She played the role of Aparna in the movie. Her co-stars in the film were Jishnu, Siddharth, and Bhavana. The movie was a big blockbuster and she was well accepted by fans. Her performance as a student and victim of eve-teasing was well appreciated by critics and audience alike. The movie was very popular among the youngsters.

Her second movie was also a Malayalam movie “Meerayude Dukhavum Muthuvinte Swapnavum”. She played the role of Aswathy. The movie is about a brother protecting his disabled sister. She shared her screen space with Prithviraj Sukumaran and Ambili Devi.   This film released in 2003. The movie was one of the best films released in the year and it won the prestigious KFCA award. It did moderately well at the box office.

She made her Tamil debut in the movie February 14 alongside Bharath. She did the role of Pooja who was born and brought up in the US and comes to stay with her grandparents in India as she completes her college education. She falls in love with Shiva performed by Bharath. After a few twists, the movie ends with a positive climax. The movie did not do well at the box office.Renuka Menon has made a few movies in Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu and Tamil. She has good acting skills and a pretty face; however, she decided to stay away from movies after her marriage.

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Meena Old Photos and Pictures – A Collection of 19 Photographs

Meena has always been a special actress to the old generation, especially to those who are born & brought up in the 80’s & 90’s. In this gallery, we present the biggest collection of Meena photos & pictures. So here we present 19 pictures of actress Meena. Through these Meena old photos & pictures gallery, we intend to show you her young beautiful face of the olden days.

The biggest collection of Meena Old Photos & Pictures

Meena’s original name is Meena Durairaj. She was born in Chennai on September 16, 1977 as the daughter to a Tamil father Durairaj and a Malayali mother Raj Mallika from Chirakkal Palace, Kannur District. Meena is an Indian actress who has starred as lead heroine in South Indian film industry. She has started her career as a child artist at the age of four in 1982 and acted in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and several Hindi films.

New Set of Meena Old Photos & Pictures

Though Meena has performed in a number of movies as a child artist, her first movie as a heroine is a Telugu movie Seetharamaiah Gari Manavaralu along with the legend Akkineni Nageswara Rao; she played his granddaughter Seeta in the movie. The film released in 1991. She won the Prestigious Andhra government award, Nandi Award for Best Actress for this movie. The film did well at the box office and soon she was recognized as a very talented actress.

Her first movie in Tamil was Yen Rasavin Manasile in which she played one of her most popular roles Cholaiyamma. The movie was directed by Rajkiran and he was the hero of the movie as well. She portrayed the character of a young and timid village girl who refuses to get married to her cousin but later is forced to marry. Cholaiyamma slowly starts falling in love with her husband and unluckily she dies. Her performance was well lauded by the audience and the character was an unforgettable one. The movie was well received by the audience and it was one of the biggest blockbusters of the year.

Her next hit in Tamil was Yejaman with Super Star Rajinikanth. She played the role of Vaitheeshwari, a simple village girl, who marries the hero. She played a quiet and serious young woman. Her homely look was highly welcomed by the fans of Tamil Nadu. The movie was a big hit.

Meena has acted in numerous movies in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, and Kannada. She has also received a number of awards for her excellent performances.

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Manisha Koirala Old Photos & Pictures Collection

In this interesting gallery, we present a set of 9 good old photos & pictures of Manisha Koirala. We all know Manisha was a sensational actress of the 90’s and had a wonderful career in Bollywood. So here we present Manisha Koirala in her young photos & pictures.

9 Good Old Pictures of Manisha Koirala

All these 9 pictures & the 9 Manisha Koirala old  photos are sourced from her old movies, old photo shoots and such events. So have a go through the sensational heroines good old face!

Manisha Koirala is an Indian actress, UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador and a social activist. She was born in Kathmandu, Nepal on August 16, 1970. Her parents are Sushma Koirala and Prakash Koirala. She primarily worked in Hindi cinema, though she has appeared in several Nepali, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam films. She is also an accomplished Bharathanatyam and Manipuri dancer. She has won the Film Fare Critics Award thrice and has received four nominations for the Film Fare Award for Best Actress.

Manisha’s first movie is “Pheri Bhetaula”. It is a Nepali romantic film released in 1989. She shared her screen space with Prakash Adhikari. This movie led to her great career in Bollywood.

Her second movie is “Saudagar” directed by popular director Subhash Ghai. The Hindi movie released in 1991 and Manisha played the female lead role in the name of Radha. Her co-starrers were Dilip kumar, Raaj kumar and Vivek Mushran. Both Manisha and Vivek Mushran made their debut in Indian cinema through Saudagar. Saudagar went on to become the biggest hit of the year and thus gave her a great beginning in Bollywood. Through this movie, she became very popular among the Indian fans. Her unique beauty was well received by the audience.

“First love letter” is the third film of Manisha released in the same year 1991. She played the role of Radha in the movie. It is a Hindi film directed by Shiva. For the second time, she shared her screen space with Vivek Mushran. Chunky Pandey also played a lead role in the movie. Well, the film did not do well at the box office.

Manisha Koirala is known for her excellent acting skills and her mystic beauty. She has acted with most of the popular actors in Indian cinema including Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Rajinikanth, Kamal Hassan, Ajay Devgan, Anil Kapoor, Nana Patekar and a lot more.

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Actress Rambha and Collection of 9 Old Photos & Pictures

Rambha was born as Vijayalakshmi on the 5th of June, 1976 in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. She is married and settled in Toronto, Canada at present. Though she has stopped doing movies, her fame in South India is unbeaten till date. Her first screen name was Amritha but later she changed to Rambha. She was popular in Bollywood movies for her uncanny resemblance towards Divya Bharati, an actress who died during her popular stint in Bollywood.

Rambha entered the film industry in 1990 through the Kannada movie Server Somanna opposite Jaggesh.

Ramba’s second movie is “Sargam” alongside Vineeth. It is a Malayalam film and she played the character of a girl named Thangamani. She acts as a bubbly student in this film which was released in 1992. The songs in the movie were a big hit and the film bagged a number of awards as well.

Ramba’s first Tamil entry was in “Uzhavan” in which she made a cameo appearance. However, her first lead role was in the movie Ullathai Allithaa directed by R. Sundhar. This romantic comedy was her all time best hits. She shared her screen with Karthik. And, she was accepted as a new glamour idol of Tamil Nadu. The movie was a mega blockbuster and is one of the best comedy movies of the decade. She played the role of Indhu, a naughty daughter of a rich man. This film gave her a major breakthrough in her career. Her screen presence was stunning and she just instantly won the hearts of numerous teenagers.

Rambha has acted in a number of films in Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam and Bojpuri. She has been lucky enough to act with all the favourite actors of Indian cinema. She was mostly well known for her glamour more than her acting capabilities.

 A Collection of 9 Old Photos & Pictures of Rambha

In this gallery we present a set of 9 photos of actress rambha which are taken from her old days, first movies, debut movie & her young faces. There are 9 hot old photos & pictures of rambha to play with. If you have not seen rambha in her teens, this is a sure not miss gallery!

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Tamil Actress Gallery – The Biggest Collection of Photos & Wallpapers

This is one of the biggest collection of Tamil actress photos and wallpapers ever published on the internet. We have covered almost all actress in Tamil from the olden days like Kushboo, Simran, Nagma to the new generation actress line ups of Samantha, Kajal Agarwaal and Tamanna. We have linked to the category pages and some special galleries of each actress.  In this biggest Tamil actress gallery of the internet, you can browse through some of the pictures of olden days where you will get a glimpse of the fashion and its evolution in Tamil cinema. You will see how the world of fashion around us changed so fast!

1. Aishwarya Rai’s Collections – T Q has one of the biggest collection of Aishwarya Rais photos. We have published photos up to her pregnancy outfit & her appearance in an award function.  In 2011, we have published her photo shoot for the Cannes film festival and it got much acceptance among T Q’s audience. In addition you can see lots of photos from her last 2 movies Yendhiran & Raavan. We have published certain stills from the sets of Yendhiran shooting location.

2. Anushka Shetty’s Photos – Recently we have published Anushka Shettys photo stills from the movie Rani Rudramma Devi.  We have a rare collection of her appearance in Saree , in which she looks elegant and beautiful. Another interesting photo shoot is her appearance in a black jeans & top. From the sets of movie Singam starred by Surya, a collection of location photos are available.

3. Asin Photo Gallery – TQ has one of the biggest collection of Asin’s photos – right from her beginning to the latest ones. In 2008 we had published her appearance in Colgate Ad with Saif Ali Khan and in 2010 we have published some really interesting photos from the sets of Kaavalan.

4.Bhavana’s collections – Bhavana has started her career in Malayalam (just like Asin) and from there she went on to win the hearts of Tamilnadu and Andhra pradesh. What makes Bhavana different from all other actresses in Tamil is her innocent smile and her cute gestures. We have covered her appearance in the most modern and trendy outfits and in the traditional half saree costumes.

5. Charmi Kaur Photo Albums – Charmi Kaur is much popular among all main stream cinemas in South India. We have covered some of her best photos and the latest one is a dance program from an award function.

6. Jyothika’s Collection from olden days – Jyothika is definitely a good actress and she is going to be remembered for long time. Though she is not active in movies these days, she’s always in the hearts of Tamil cinema, as the wife of actor Surya. For those who has not seen yet, we have her photos with their kid Diya and her wedding day photos with Surya.

7. Kajal Agarwal’s Photocollection – Kajal Agarwal is one of the most sensational heroine in Tamil now. Recently she has done a movie in Bollywood too named “Special 26” which is receiving critical acclaim.  We have published the music launch function of “Special 26” and some latest photos of Kajal Agarwal.

8. Kamalini Mukerjee’s Album– Kamalini got into real fame when she played opposite to Kamal Hassan in Vettayaidu Vilayadu. Though her career was not that ‘awesome’ even with that break, we still believe she has space in Tamil cinema as she knows her job well. Her performance in acclaimed director Shaji N Karuns “Kuttysrank” won her applause.

9. Shriya Saran’s Photo Album – Shriya was once a queen of Tamil cinema, with her lead role in Sivaji as a pair to Rajanikanth, she reached the zenith of her career. However she failed to maintain herself at the top position and her career graph started dropping. She still remains active in the movie industry with a movie here and there.

10. Tamanna’s Photo collections – Tamanna – as you all know was the most popular actress till last year. She was at her career peek and just like all other actress’s fate in Tamil it started declining. Kajal Agwarwal rose in position and with the recent entry of Samantha into the game, Tamannas position is at risk!

Note:- This gallery list is not yet complete. We shall update this page often with new actress names & their photo collection. Keep this page bookmarked.