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Rachana Maurya was born on July 21,1987 in Mumbai.She is one of the beautiful actress across Indian Cinema.She started her career a dancer,she appeared in music videos and performed item numbers in various Indian language films.She started her acting career in the year 2005.Rachana’s most films are did in Tamil and Telugu movies.Most of the films she got special appearance as dancer.She is not a talented actress she is just a dancer.In this year her 4+ movies are going to be release shortly.She is present in the industry since 2005.In this post you can find out 6+ photos and pictures of Rachana Maurya,so watch and enjoy this awesome photos.

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Rachana Maurya is the famous item girl in south India,she did act in many bollywood  movies like Dus and all.her new movies are Kote,Kulai Thozhil,Aayiram Vilakku,Kari Chirathe.She also did an item dance in pokkiriraja with mammoty and prithviraj.

Rachana Maurya Photos|Rachana Maurya hot pictures

Rachana Maurya is an item girl who had been in and out of film industry for ages. she become popular to south through the big hit sequel  naan avan ilai 2 of naan avan illai, a playboy type movie- a remake of 1974  gemini ganeshan same title movie . she debuted in films through item dance in dus starring sanjay dut- abhisekh bachan in 2005. her some  item dances are there in aashiq banaya apne, uppi dada mbbs – remake of munna bhai mbbs in kannada, yaradi nee mohini, 13B-(starring  madhavan , neethu chandra ,), etc. her first long role comes in 2009 naan avan illai 2, which changed her name from item dancer but had her most glamour skin offs to is maximum.any way  she is establishing herself in films and  acted in all  types of languages- Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi.

Rachana Maurya Photos

Rachana Maurya is the upcoming tamil hottie,she did a lots of show offs in the recent tamil movie Naan Avan illai 2 with Lakshmi Rai,Shwetha Menon,Hema Malini etc.of these girls Rachana Maurya exposed to the maximum.She is famous for her oitem numbers in talugu. and now in tamil movies too.She has also did a bunch of hindi films too,Rachana Maurya did special appearances and item numbers in hindi movies like 13B with Neethu Chandra and also in famous movie Dus.She also appeared with hot nayanthar in the movie Yaredi Nee Mohini.