Sumalatha Family Photos – 6 Pictures of Sumalatha with Husband Ambarish

In this article we feature 6 family photos of actress Sumalatha. Sumalatha has been married to Karnataka MP and actor Ambarish for many years. They have a son and they are happily married. In this post we feature 6 photos of Sumalatha and her family. Most of the photos feature the couple Sumalatha & Ambarish.

About Sumalatha(Sumalatha BIO)

Sumalatha is a popular south Indian actress who has acted in many films. She is married to Ambareesh who is a popular actor and politician now. She has done films in diverse languages and is popular for her performances. Born in Chennai she was brought up in Mumbai and Andhra Pradesh. She went ahead to do films opposite stars. She has acted in about more than 200 films and is still continuing her acting.  She began her acting when she was 15 and got into acting after she won a beauty contest award held in Andhra Pradesh. Some of her memorable films include Isabella, Nirakkottu, New Delhi and the list goes on.

In her acting years she has acted with popular stars. The person whom she is married too is also an actor. She met Ambareesh on the set so a film and fell in love with him. Gradually both decided to marry. They even have a son whom they have names Abhishek. Some of her films can be watched a hundred times because her acting has been excellent in those. She knows in total six languages and hence finds it easy to act in almost every south Indian language. WHen it comes to malayalam, Thoovanathumpikal with mohanlal made her popular. Sumalatha’s character Clara is still in the heart of every malayalam movie lovers. Sumalatha delivered a fantastic performance throughout the movie.

The actress is well known for her acting and possesses large fan following. Although she acted majorly in south Indian languages she managed to act in Hindi films too. It absolutely was the competition that helped her get into films and acting. These days she is proud of her career and remains active in films. Sumalatha has won the hearts of the many through her acting and still there are many folks who watch her initial films. Her acting has not modified a bit in all these years. She gained major roles In Kannada and Malayalam movies as she acted her most in these languages.

If you’d wish to check out the actor very quickly in another flick, then merely wait and watch. Hope she signs another film and hits the silver screen in conjunction with her rocking and hypnotic performance. Sumalatha is an actress who is of great respect. Her roles in movies have been wonderful and no other actress can act like her. She has a unique talent and though she had never chosen or rather throughout of making acting her career, it is this acting which has made her achieve lots of fame all over today.

She began acting in films at the tender age of 15 and it seemed that acting was in her genes. she has always got much preference in south films rather than bollywood. Still she has managed to do movies in Hindi too. She respects her husband Ambareesh a lot as it was he who has supported her always and has made her social in nature. She says that his personality is very bold and that is one thing which amuses her. The actress is still into acting and we can surely see her soon if she signs and interesting project.

Most popular movies of Sumalatha

Now let us have a look at some of the most popular movies of the evergreen beauty actress Sumalatha

  • Veta
  • NewDelhi
  • Shrutilayalu
  • Thoovanathumpikal
  • Khaidi
  • Nirakkoottu
  • Aalaaya Sikharam
  • Gang Leader
  • Nairsab
  • Donga Kollu

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12 Classic New Photos of Actress Sumalatha

This time we feature an actress who has grown beyond all industries she has worked with!  12 classic photos of South Indian actress Sumalatha is featured in this gallery. As you all know, Suma has stopped acting in films after getting married to Ambarish. She now splits her time in social activities and being a home maker.

Sumalatha is a well known name in the film industry as she is an actress who has acted in more than 200 films in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada Malayalam and Hindi. Born in the year 1963, she started her acting career in the year 1978. The actor was born in Chennai but eventually started acting in Malayalam movies. She started acting in films when she was just 15 after winning a beauty contest conducted in Andhra Pradesh in the year 1979. Her debut movie was a Kannada one titled “Ravichandra” in which her co star was Dr. Rajkumar. After her debut movie she took forward her acting career by acting in many Tamil, Kannada and Telugu films. She was superstar Rajnikanth’s second choice of heroine after Rati Agnihotri.

Sumalatha has acted in Telugu films along with Cheeranjeevi. Some of her memorable Malayalam is“Thazhvaram, Isabella, Nirakkoottu, Thoovanathumbikal, Parampara andNew Delhi. Apart from that she has acted in Kannada films of which a few are “Ahuti,  Krna, Tayi Kanasu etc.  She won the award for best actress for her film Shrutilayalu in the year1987.  Actress Sumalatah is a close friend of Suhasini Maniratnam who was her costar in a Telugu movie.  Their friendship and bonding was so much that once director Reddy noticed Suhasini combing Sumalatha’s long hair inside train on their way to the film set he was impressed by hat scene so much that he added that piece to his film.

She has acted in more than 200 films and has given remarkable performances. The actress apart from being famous in south has also done films in bollywood. She has also acted with her husband Ambareesh whom she married in the year 1991 in films like Ahuti, Avatara, and Sri Manjunatha which won national award. She met Ambareesh in the sets of a film and fell for him. They have a son named Abhishek. Sumalatha was always a very quite girl and it was Ambreesh who taught her to be bold and made her more social.

She is renowned for her acting and has got huge fan following.  Though she acted majorly in south Indian languages she also gave a try in Hindi films. She too unlike any other actor today did not dream of becoming a great acting star. It was the contest that helped her get into films and acting. Today she is happy with her career and is still active in films. Actress Sumalatha has won the hearts of many directors through her acting and still there are many people who watch her initial films. Her acting has not changed in all these years and even today she is as graceful as she was 10 years back. She gained major popularity only In Kannada and Malayalam movies because she acted her maximum in those two languages.

If you want to watch the actress very soon in another flick, then just wait and watch. Hope she signs another film and hits the silver screen with her rocking and mesmerizing performance.

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