Casino Royale-Daniel Craig becomes Craig Bond

Daniel Craig is the newest James Bond and about to reach super stardom with the much-awaited Casino Royale releasing worldwide in theaters today.The world’s longest-running film franchise (courtesy: The Hindu), Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007 has given us some of the most dashing MI 6 agents (Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan), the most gorgeous women and the fastest-paced movies for 21 years.The era of world cinema in Indian theaters has truly changed, with big films releasing worldwide INCLUDING in India simultaneously; instead of the usual wait of up to 2 years for Indian theaters! India has a few genre favorites that are sure to hit box-office highs and James Bond is at the top of this list.In Chennai city, James Bond 007 Casino Royale opens in Sathyam Cinemas and a few other theatres. For Sathyam Cinemas, you can book tickets online on other theatres playing the movie, in other cities of India: Fame Cinemas in Mumbai, Pune and Surat; PVR Cinemas in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Indore and the Delhi-Haryana-U.P. regions; Fun Cinemas in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh and Delhi; and at INOX theatres across the country.

Vallavan- Tamil Movie Review

Reviewing Vallavan – The New Tamil Movie by Silambarasan

The Silambarasan-directed Vallavan lives up to its pre-release hype and hoopla. It bears the unmistakable signs of a hit.
But telling performances by Nayantara and Silambarasan save the film. Nayantara looks fetching and succeeds in emoting too. Of course, there is a regulation kissing scene as well for the benefit of the youthful audience.

Yuvans music is a major plus point of the film. Loose Penne and Vallava are the pick of the lot. Priyan handles an excellent camera and Rajeevans artwork is commendable. Editor Antony could have done a better job because the film is too lengthy, 3 hours and 5 minutes.
Overall its an entertainer movie with some drawbacks. Length of movie is high and makes us boring. Then Direction is not pretty good, but we can forgive because its a debut attempt. Then Night scenes with Nayan Thara feels artificial. After all the very notorious french kiss scene with Nayan Thara was of Low class.

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Manathodu Mazhaikkalam -Review


Making friendship above love, director Arbhuthan weaves a fairly engaging story of male-female bonding. It takes us into the past of an aged man, Siva (Shaam), as he sits at the bedside of his dying friend Sathya (Nithya Das) and looks back at his life. The friendship factor does give a good feel about the film, with some scenes that touch a chord. The interaction between Siva and Sathya’s husband Karthik (Jaisurya), one of mutual trust and confidence sans jealousy or possessiveness, is another positive element the director has depicted. But at times one does feel that the friendship factor is overdone, at the expense of other relationships.

sham01.jpgMovie Rating: 3.5/5

Silunu Oru Kadhal-Reviews


Silunu Oru Kadhal Movie Reviews, Trailers, Movie Ratings, News,

Silunu Oru Kadhal is a well made romantic thriller which makes you a die hard fan of Suriya.It has all elements,Fight,Love,Song,Family,Kids.Y wait, go and get your tickets for Silunu Oru Kadhal

Movie is RATED 4/5 music of AR Rahman was awesome