Raavanan Official trailer-Beera

Raavanan will be history to the Indian cinema industry,and the most specialty is that the movie will be releasing as Raavan in hindi simultaneously Raavanan in Tamil.And who is the luckiest? No doubt its Vikram,he was able to do the role of Hero and Villain at the same time beacase he is in the tamil and Hindi Version.In Hindi Abhishek bacchan,Vikram does the lead roles while in tamil Vikram and Prithviraj does the lead role.Abhishek was suggested by the director Mani Ratnam to do the role of hero in tamil ,but abhishek himself  discarded the offer owing the language problems.Anyways Aishwarya Rai does the role of heroine in both Raavan and Raavanan.

Promos and videos of raavan and raavanan were out last week,and Beera in Hindi ,and tamil in which Abhishek Bacchan and Vikram appears as leads.To be frank what I felt was that In tamil version,that Is  Raavanan seemed low quality comparing to Beera in Raavan.Even Vikram’s face isnt recognizable because of the Lighting problem.At the same time,the beera video in Raavan was top notch

ManiRatnam new movie Raavan-Abhishek,Aishwarya Rai trailer

Raavan is the new movie of the veteran director ManiRatnam, and it will be released simultaneously in tamil and hindi ,in Hindi Abhishek bacchan,Vikran and Aishwarya Rai will be doing lead roles while in tamil version Vikram and Prithviraj will be doing the lead roles. 4 days before the trailer of Hindi movie raavan was out and the trailer looks top notch.Music is done by AR Rahman and music of  Raavan sounds top quality.Hope that Raavan Songs ,especially the Beera Beera would be a super duper hit.

Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya video trailer

Vinnai thandi varuvaaya is the upcoming movie by Gautham menon after the blockbuster movie Varanam Aayiram.It should be thought that Vinnai thandi varuvaaya is the romantic element in varanam Aayiram ,and that romantic element is what that worked for the movie at most.Vinnai thandi varuvaaya is starred by Simbhu and Trisha ,simbhu might be trying a new birth through this movie and escapism from his usual masala movies.The music done by Ar Rahman is already on the hit charts .Anyaways Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya will be releasing February first week and all tamil movie and mallu movie viewers are eagerly waiting for the movie.

Sindhu Menon in Saree Photos and Pictures Collection

Sindhu menon is now famous in Tamil as well as in Malayalam.Sindhu menon has got very glamorous image and looks. She became popular in Malayalam through the Jayaram movie Uthaman.And she did some acclaimed roles in Tamil movies too.Sindhu menon portrayed a decent character in the recent hit movie ERAM which was appreciated very well critcally. EERAM was the movie of the Mrigam hero Adhi. In this gallery, we feature actress Sindhu Menon in saree photos and pictures collection. Watch and share 6+ photos, pictures, stills and images of actress Sindhu Menon in Saree.

Sindhu Menon in Saree Photos Collection

Tamil Movie Goa Video Trailer

Goa is the latest tamil movie starring Jai (Subramaniapuram,Vamanan fame) and Sneha in lead female role.The movie goes on with some incidents happened while a hangout to goa by a group of friends .Goa is the next movie after SAROJA,by the same team.