Celina Lip Bleeds

A passionate, no-holds-barred kiss between Celina Jaitley and Aftab Shivdasani left the actress with a bleeding lip.

Vikram Bhatts forthcoming movie Red has Celina playing a young widow who gets involved in an intense physical and emotional relationship with a man (Aftab) suffering from a heart ailment. The movie features Celina and Aftab in many steamy and intimate scenes, one of which is a passionate kiss. In the scene, Aftab is shown pushing Celina against a wall and then smooching her forcibly.

Since the films director Vikram Bhatt wanted the scene to look real, he told the two actors to shed their inhibitions before shooting the scene. But when the shot was being taken, Aftab was apparently a little too wild on Celina. After a few takes, Celina was left with a bleeding upper lip.

The gash further got worse after an infection caused by the lipstick that Celina was using. The actress had to see a doctor and get a tetanus injection. The kissing scene was eventually completed after a two-day delay.

Apparently, Aftab was quite embarrassed because of the incident. It was good that he had asked his girlfriend Yana Gupta to not come on the sets while he was shooting the kiss with Celina.

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