Chappa Kurishu Movie Review

Chappa Kurishu is one of the most awaited recent movies in Malayalam,the trailer and initial promos were very much promising.The movie is directed by Samir Thahir and Starred by Fahad Fasil,Vineeth Srinivasan,Remya Nambeesan and Roma.

Chappa Kurish Trailer

Chappa Kurish Review

As expected the theater hold audience pretty more than for a Star less movie.The plot of Chappa Kurish resembles very much similar to the korean movie HandPhone,  which is the story about two persons.Arjun(Fahad Fasil) loses  accidentally his phone to Ansari( Vineeth Srinivasan )in which there was a sex tape of  Arjun  and Sonia(Remya Nambeesan).And thereby the story develops.


  • Fahad Fasil Delivered a good performance ,he might grow in future
  • Lip kiss scene between Remya Nambeesan and Fahad Fasil,it was damn hot
  • The story was fresh and had relevance.
  • Climax Fight scene was lengthy but realistic


  • All in all the script was that which cheated the movie,the script had only 30 minutes substance which was told in 2 hours.
  • The movie was dragging a lot.
  • Misplaced Song.

Verdict : 2.5/5 (Average) Theater response was poor, so no doubt will be out in one week

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