Dasavatharam-A Big Kamal Project

Everyone heard about Kamals Dashavatharam where Kamal is doing 10 roles. Thats right 10 roles.
It is expected be a challenger to Rajanikanths Sivaji.Kamal had written the story written 7 years ago. But as usual, Kamal aka World Hero had a bigĀ story with a big budget.He mentioned the story during the last project(Vettaiyadu Villaiyadu)with the producer Oscar Ravichandran.

Oscar Ravichandran jumped on the project and brought in Kamals lucky director K.S. Ravikumar to direct. So far this movie budget is at 35 Krors($12 million).
Kamals make up cost alone is a massive 2 Krors($0.7 million). It is taking around 6 hours to do the make up and it only lasts for couple of hours.
But Kamal with his previous movie experiences with heavy makeups(Indian, Avvai Shanmugi)is managing it well.
So far Mallika Sherawat and Asin are in the movie and the other Heroines are kept secret.
Kamals daughter also directed a short film named Making of Dashavatharam which will be released before the movie as a marketing ploy.

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