Deepavali-Tamil Movie Review


When two prominent directors join forces, you expect them to fire on all cylinders. The ammunition has the right ingredients (Lingusamy, Ezhil, ‘Jeyam’ Ravi and Bhavna) but the final product turns out to be a damp squib  

An immaculately clad Ravi mouthing the slum lines with no effort in the body language shows director (Ezhil) in poor light. Shades of Moonram Pirai in the way Bhavna’s character is etched. Only, she hits the convenient mode of slipping into amnesia as and when Ezhil hits the bright spot.

 Ravi is the darling of the slum with an unlikely name of Billu as the extra baggage.

His word is the rule of law in slums, thanks to the generous ways of his father. When Bhavna lands up in the metropolis, Ravi gets the assignment of picking her.

Our hero is the solace for the lady, carrying the bad memoirs of a law-breaking father known for his crude ways.

So much for the story line or the lack of it. Hitting the nadir is Ravi, trying in jest and in vain to place Bhavna in comfort zone. A forgettable offering for the Chitiram Pesuthadi sensation.

For the unit too.

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