Did Kuselan show Justice to Katha parayumbol?

KUselan photo

Kuselan with usual Rajini Hype was released today.The movie started with the usual PalaBhishekams and Prayers as a usual Rajini movie in early Morning.

Over to the initial reports

  1. he movie has done well.
  2. One thing is damn sure,the movie will be a blockbuster.
  3. The roles of Pasupathy and Rajini was outstanding
  4. Good piece of Comedy
  5. Rajini was able to wet the audience eyes in the last 20 minutes(Which is the crucial part of film)
  6. Stunning climax
  7. Fair Songs
  8. Beautiful Nayanthara
  9. Good Direction

1 Response

  1. Rex August 14, 2008 / 9:13 am

    1. Vadivelu’s obscene comedy
    2. Nayantara’s unnecessary extreme glamour
    3. Bad screenplay

    The film is the worst flop of the year!

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