Divya Spandana a.k.a Kuthu Ramya latest photos

Kuthu ramya or Divya Spandana is now 27 years old.She wa sborn in Karnataka,or Banglore when being specific.Divya Spandana has acted very glamorous in different movies and the movie Kuthu with the little superstar Simbhu gave her,the trade name Kuthu Ramya.In kuthu she did expose a lot showing her hot thighs and all.And after all she got was just some roles to exposes her self.Gautham Menon’s Vaaranam Aayiram was a real savior to her career and Divya Spandana proved that she can act also,and got rid of her name Kuthu Ramya also to Divya Spandana.
Hot video of Ramya From Kuthu(Nipuana Nipuna)

Now Ramya has lots fo movies at present she is doing around 5 kannada movies like Dhandam Dashagunam,Siddalingu,Sanju weds Geetha etc and in tamil she is doing kadhal 2 kalyanam and Singam puli with jeeva.

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