Endhiran movie review


Endhiran ,one of the most anticpated Indian movie release was out yesterday.Lots of hopes were over Endhiran as It was a rajnikanth movie in which A R rahman,Aishwarya rai was part of it.Shankar directed the movie.An overall budget of 200 crores were spent.Did Endhiran ame out well? Lets check.


  • Shankar made Endhiran technically class one,200 crore spent wasnt wasted it was clearly felt on screens.
  • Lots of visuals and technicalities were there especially the train scene and climax fights
  • Rajni was superb as usual
  • Aishwarya rai looked damn beautiful and sexy,no doubt she is the most beautiful woman.
  • Even though the concept of the movie was illogical,it was a brilliant one and shankar showed the different possibilities of it.


  • STORY lacks logic
  • Some scenes especially the mosquito scene seemed weird.
  • Songs are nice but not that  good.
  • BGM done by AR Rahman is not at all upto mark.
  • As all shankar movie,Endhiran is a 100% commercial movie.


In short Endhiran has not at all dissapointed,its a clean entertainer with lots of brillaint technologies used which may be a new experience to  Indian movie industry.


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