Genelia on Her Dreams


I have big dreams – Genelia

Shes been receiving great reviews for her performance in Bommarilu. And thanks to the success of the film, Genelia s now signed three Telugu films. My role in Chennai Kadhal was good and there was a lot of scope for performance. I don’t want to be branded as a heroine who appears in a couple of scenes and songs and fades away from a movie. I should have a meaty role. Thankfully my forthcoming movies in Telugu are interesting and have more prominence for me.

Genelia adds that shes been able to maintain a good balance between Tamil and Telugu languages. I don’t know both languages. But I write down the dialogues in English and understand them well before coming to the sets, she says.

Shes happy that shes been paired with some of the top heroes in the industry. I have big dreams but will be patient for now, says the actress.

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  1. Genelia December 17, 2008 / 12:48 am

    love is like war…
    Easy to start..
    Difficult to end…
    Impossible to forget…

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