Ghost Rider-A Personal Experiance of a Viewer

So we are talking about a movie by the name, ‘The Ghost Rider’.

Ideally I wouldn’t have chosen to spend money and time on a movie like this but what do you do when you get it for free..ya!
A free movie and you know it does not happen that often and at your desired time, so i took it!

So I was expecting a lot from it, and was really enthusiastic to see Mr Cage. I happily sat down an the movie started, offcourse I did not include the part where in there are so many advertisements from Dolby to other movies etc. Ya, PVR’s in India are like that. they try and make the most of the advertising platform and the audience’s constraint to stick to their seats because it is about time and the movie will start any second!

So it starts with some ‘Old legend’ thing, and that it might hold true in some cases. All right!
And then the next comes the guys…cute as usual. But, trust me the guy’s dad was too good. And then this guy looses his father and a love story which offcourse does not happen and this boy moves out.
So basically, you realise had you planned to watch a hindi movie you would have enjoyed much more. They usually have better masala!
I believe all this movie required to turn it into a masala bollywood movie was a song around the trees ;).

I don’t think you should even waste your time watching even the commercial of this movie….absolutely useless not even when it is funded with snacks!

Beware, it will kill you and your time!

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