Handpicked collection of 12 Meghana Raj Stills and Wallpapers

In this gallery, we feature a set of 12 handpicked stills & wallpapers of Meghana Raj sourced from various movie locations & sets. We have some images collected from parties & events as well.

Meghana Raj is a well known name in the south cinema and this actress within a short span of time reached great success and earned a name in Tamil and Kannada films. However the life of celebrities has always been incomplete without these gossips. Be it an actor or a rich businessman, people never miss gossiping about their lifestyle, affairs, money and many more issues. However coming back to actress Meghana Raj the latest news about this south star is that’s he has walked out of Suraj’s film which has Anushka and Karthi in the lead. According to her when asked her on this decision she said that she was unaware that there were in all four heroines in the film including her. Before signing the projects she was said that there would just be one more actress but then the script underwent several changes and things got messed up. This was the reason for the actress to walk out of the film. This ultimately became a big affair in the media.

The actress was also linked opposite Anoop Menon off screen but the actress is not worried about it because it has increased their on screen pair and made it a hit. Also we know that the lives of celebrities are full of gossips. Also the media many a times hypes the situation and portrays it in a different way on television. Anoop currently has four projects along with Meghana and he is glad to act with her. As an actor he says she is a star and loves her acting.

If you are a person who loves gossips and want to know more about Meghana Raj’s life you can very easily find news about her on the internet. Gone are the days where Television and radio were the only source of information. Today we have the internet which is full of information and finding news about a celebrity is quite easy. To tell more about Meghana Raj she is an actress who majorly appears in Malayalam and Tamil movies and her films are worth watching. She has a huge fan following over the world and in very less time she gained popularity. Today she stands as a star solely because of her own efforts and her unique styles of acting.

Talking about gossips they are a part and parcel of a celebrity’s life and she does not bother it much. Today the actress is so popular because of the boost everyone gave her and also because of her father who always supported her in her decisions. I f you want to catch on to more gossips about the actress and know more about her life you can take the help of the search engines and find for yourself the many details about her.

Lastly if you are a fan of Meghana Raj and want to see her soon on  the silver screen be patience as you are very soon going to watch her alongside Anoop Menon in many interesting and never seen before movies.

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