Heera Rajagopal about, bio,movies and Photos Collection

This article is a collection details and photos of actress Heera Rajagopal. Though she has acted only in a few movies and is not active in cinemas now, we though it would be good to remember her. So here is a collection of 5 hot old photos of Heera Rajagopal.

About Heera Rajagopal/ Heera Rajagopal Bio

Heera Rajagopal is a known face in Indian cinema. This former actress has acted in many Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi films. The actress was born in Chennai and completed her education in Psychology from the Women’s Christian college situated in Chennai. The actress debuted in a Tamil movie under the Satyajyoti banner, the film was titled “Idhayam” and she acted in the movie alongside Murali.  The film was a hit in both Tamil and Telugu. After acting in a south Indian film she planned to act in Bollywood. Her first film in bollywood was “Ammanat.” Her costar tint he movie was star Sanjay Dutt. After debuting in Hindi she went ahead to debut in Malayalam. She acted in the film “Nirnayam” alongside Mohanlal.

After acting in Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam she went ahead to act with stars like Kamal Hassan, Nagarjuna, Ajith Kumar, Ravi Teja, Anil Kapoor and many more. She has acted in many films and her acting in all her films has widely been appreciated. Her role in Mani Ratnam’s film “Thiruda Thirudi” gained her critical acclamation.  Actress Heera considers that film to be a great blessing for her solely because it was Mani Ratnam’s movie. She stepped into acting in the year 1991 and was active till the year 1999.

In her journey of films she has acted in diverse languages and diverse roles. Apart from acting in all south Indian languages she has also acted in Hindi films.  Heera who found her to be not so good looking, never dreamt of acting in films.  She was approached to do modeling when she was still in high school and thus got an opportunity to work with many companies and agencies.  Initially when she was asked to play a body double for a film she refused. The second time she was approached to do a film that time too she refused. The decision of acting in films was taken by her after several approaches and then there came a point where she couldn’t deny doing one.

As a child, her habits were strict as she was from a military family. Also everyone in her family expected her to become a doctor. But she never knew what was there in her destiny and eventually became an actress. She acted for over 9 years and in that gave some mesmerizing performance. She decided to quit films because she did not think it was getting along with he who she actually was. Also another reason for her to stop acting was she was forced to do roles in films that did not appeal to her.

Though she acted in few films her popularity became wide and she gained lots of fans. She won’t be seen in films anymore so her fans need to keep watching the films she has done before. Through her acting she became a figure that cannot be forgotten very easily. Lastly, our film industry has indeed been lucky to have actors like Heera Rajagopal.

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