JagguBhai issue press Meet Photos

last few days,  tollywood  film  industry was really in fire with a particular print leaking  incident of sarath kumar starrer jaggubhai. . almost all  the film actors and actresses had stopped doing their films to attend a press meet in chennai. Most filmmakers, producers, and actors, including rajnikanth, kamal hasan , Suriya, Cheran, A.R. murugadas and V.C. Kuganathan, stressed the need for measures to protect the industry.Jaggubhai was all set to release this Pongal.

The uploaded version, which has no background music, has been freely available on the streets in tamil nadu and neighbouring states like kerala, andhra pradesh  and karntaka. according to those who  associated with the film, even the re-recording and trimming  of  the movie were not complete.

from the press meet some quotes by the famous.

Rajinikanth:” people will come to theatre to watch the movie.
Do not worry. Treat this as publicity for the movie. Even if you spend Rs.10 crore, you will not be able to get this kind of publicity,”
kamal hasan:“We need to think about what we can do to prevent such events from happening, We have to realise that people will buy a DVD or CD  if  it is available in every road junction. We have to make them realise that when they buy such a DVD or CD, the money they give for such a easy purchase becomes black money.”
ravikumar:”We have managed to control it here in Tamil Nadu now.
But, internet server hubs exist across the world. We cannot stop them. We can only make a request. Otherwise, everyone would be out of job soon.”

rajnikanth as a reply to ravikumars statement :“You might think that Rajiniknows a bus conductor’s job. But can I go back as conductor???”

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