Jasmine in Love….with Anbe Aaruyire

These days, it has become a trend to spread rumors about a film’s lead pair simply to gain as much publicity as possible for the film. Ask Nayantara and she knows. She was on the receiving end of such rumors for almost two years, ever since she began to act in ‘Vallabha’ with Simbu.

It is now Meera Jasmine’s turn.

The “no-glamour” actress is working with director-turned-actor SJ Suryah in the new Tamil film ‘Thirumagan’. According to rumors, both had fallen in love with each other on the sets of the film. The romance got so serious that the two had even got permission from their parents for marriage.This was only made lot easier because both are Christians.This time around, nobody’s taking these rumors seriously because such stories have a very uncanny way of vanishing soon after the film’s release. Look at Simbu and Nayantara. Nobody’s even talking about them now.So, if you get to hear loads and loads of rumors of passionate romance between SJ Suryah and Meera Jasmine, you’ll know how to react.BTW, do they make heroines and heroes sign a contract that says that they wouldn’t mind the romance rumors or deny them until the film gets released

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