Jia Khan in Saree Photos and Pictures

 Jiah khan was born on 20 February 1988 in New York City.Her original name was Nafisa Rizvi Khan and she changed it into Jia Khan for her future in the film industry.She was one of the beautiful actress in the Bollywood industry.She started her career as a model,after that she came to the film industry.She is a good singer and dancer too.Khan was a trained opera singer and had recorded six pop tracks by the time she was 16 and  She learnt the dance forms of Salsa, Belly dancing, Kathak, Lambada, Jazz,Samba and Reggae.She acted only in 3 films. Jiah’s debut movie is ‘Nishabd’,it is released in the year 2007.Her most successful movie is ‘Ghajini’ with Aamir Khan.She committed suicide in the year 2013 on June 3.On 7 June, 2013, a six-page suicide note was found by her sister.The note is reported to indicate that she had planned to end her life. A transcript was released by Khan’s family which included mention of a recent abortion.The last movie,that was she acted ‘Housefull’.it was released in the year 2010.In this gallery you can find out 6+ Photos and Pictures of Jia Khan in Saree.


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    jiha, what a figure, pl. maintain 4 me

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