K V Anand Debuts In Bollywood

K V Anand joins the long list of directors who have tried their luck in Bollywood.Most of them have succeeded big time and made there mark in Bollywood.But majority of them have remade there Kollywood film to Hindi films.This is were K.V Anand have taken a new path.He has told a fresh story to Akshay Kumar and he has agreed to be the lead actor in it.The production work connected with story, screenplay,choosing of locations has been completed.He is currently working with surya in maatran which would be completed near by.He has earlier directd ayan and ko which were both blockbusters in there respective years.He has earlier worked as a cinematographer in numerous Hindi films including Khakee, The Legend of Bhagat Singh, Nayak, Josh etc.So Bollywood and her settings is not maiden experience to him.

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