Kadal Movie Review

With today’s cinematic atmosphere accelerating at a faster pace, there are movies which attract audiences through its star power or sometimes through directors who have ruled the box offices for a considerable time. Kadal belongs to the latter category. A directorial venture from the esteemed man Mani Ratnam, Kadal introduces 2 newcomers and 2 more young artists to powerfully portray the sequence of Good versus evil.

Kadal Tamil Movie review

Kadal Tamil Movie review

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 It is based on a young youth who has no goals, with the backdrop of a fishing hamlet. The essence of the film is the ongoing differences between the characters Arjun and Arvind Swamy.It will not be wrong to shoulder the credit of the movie on the shoulders of Arvind Swamy. What a power packed performance! He has been out of picture for quite some time, and he immensely owns the movie as the character of Father Sam. From the nuke and corner of every human emotion, be it love, peace, aggression or the strength to perform Jesus’ doctrine, it is indeed proficiently performed by Arvind Swamy with countless emotions. Arjun is no doubt a barnstormer for Arvind’s character with a antithetic evolution and he definitely takes the show with the action. An angel and Satan, from the holy bible is certainly the inspiration. It does not comment on any religion, but shows the difference between the good and the bad.

 Gautham, definitely demonstrates his acting skills imbibed from his father Karthik Mathuraman.Gautham makes his way to show off the love deprived and negatively revolved Thomas. Initial childhood scenes of Gautam run to the mark, specially the child. His dreadful and frightening portrayal really keeps one inclined.

 Technically speaking, Kadal brags the renowned names. With films like these, on tremendous occasions we might expect the cinematography to completely boast and take on. But Rajeev Menon does not give any chance to overshadow his lenses on the plot. He has done some appeasing work and reflected one of his best contemporary work. Some scenes leave a deeper impact on your thoughts even when you come out of the theatre. That is powerful indeed!

 No doubt, the A.R Rahman and Mani Ratnam merger creates musical magic throughout. Nenjukulle , does try to go well with the dialogues. Elay  Keechan, Moongi thottam are some live and catchy numbers which are appealingly shot. Magudi contributes to enhance the title role and Gautham’s transformation pivot.

The coastal accent in Jayamohan’s dialogues are not sufficed, they lack uniformity.  The art director Sasidhar Adappa has done a commendable work in Kadal with church and art demonstrations in the climax portion.

  Kadal moves at a slow pace, with its first half moving in strategically, the second half has twists and turns that gives a meaning to the film. Despite the collision of the opposite characters , which is the primitive base of the story, there is very little depth for the other sequences to rely upon. Ditto for romance aspect of Gautham and Tulasi.the psychological condition of Tulasi’s character and her connection with Arjun is not vivid and does not fetch a clear dimension.

  To conclude on the above, there are expectations laid beyond the bar when Mani Ratnam is the man behind the camera. Audiences have always looked for thought –provoking, larger than life roles of characters, and romantic visualization in Mani Ratnam genre. Kadal makes efforts to captivate the general audience with sheer intensity. Although Mani Ratnam fans would love the movie as they patiently and positively wait to see Mani Ratnam rekindling the magic again.Overall a good movie which has been aesthetically made.

 Rating & Verdict :- Good to Watch

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