Kamal as Sikh Video from dasavataram

Revealing an other face of Kamalhassan in Dasavataram-Kamal appears as a Sikh in this song.This song Oh Oh sanam is also sung by Kamalhassan itself.So that will be the 12 th role of kamalhassan in the film being as a Singer.Kamalhassan himself wrote the script for Dasavataram.Dasavataram was said to compete with Sivaji last years but as the Post production work wasnt completed,the release was postponed for 1 year nearly.Sivaji was released claiming a production cost of 100 crores,But the fact was that we cant even see a production cost of 40 crore in that film.But the trailers and these videos indicates that Dasavatharam might be a well made film with a good production cost.

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